Instagram Finally Introduces Comment Control Features

Instagram comment control

For a while now, Instagram has been slowly transitioning from a simple photo sharing app to a viable commercial entity. Most of this is due to the obvious influence of parent company Facebook, which bought Instagram in 2012.

Earlier this year, the app introduced features that enabled businesses to more easily communicate with followers and post in ways that helped businesses find success via the network.

Their latest update brings a modicum of control to the comments sections of posts. Like many social media networks, Instagram users face their fair share of spam and online abuse.

It’s been possible to block specific words from comments and abusive users, but spammers and trolls always find a way.

The three biggest features in the update include the ability for private accounts to remove followers, anonymous ability to report self-injury posts (which seems like a slippery slope for the social network), and the one feature that we like, the ability to turn off comments on a post.

Sometimes, for whatever reason, a post’s comment section can become quite vitriolic, so it’s nice that Instagram is going the YouTube route and allowing users to turn off comments before and after an image is posted.

They’re also adding a way for users to like comments, in an effort to encourage positivity.

For more details, you can check out Instagram’s blog post about the new features.

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