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Lensbaby Debuts Sweet 80 And Creative Bokeh Optics

New lens options for shooting portraits, landscapes and other compositions with creative bokeh effects

Lensbaby continues to expand its offerings for photographers, debuting two new optics—the Sweet 80 and Creative Bokeh—for shooting portraits, landscapes and other compositions using the lens maker’s creative bokeh effects.

Available on its own ($199.95) or as a kit with the Composer Pro II ($379.95), the Sweet 80 is designed to create razor-sharp focus on a subject with Lensbaby’s signature bokeh blur around that subject, all accomplished in-camera.

The manual-focus tilt lens features an 80mm focal length with an ƒ-stop range of ƒ/2.8-16. Compatible with APS-C and full-frame cameras, the Sweet 80 has optical construction consisting of four elements in two groups, with a 12-blade aperture and 22-inch minimum focusing distance.

Sample image from Lensbaby, shot with the Sweet 80 optic. Photo by Cristina Venedict

If purchased as a kit, it includes the Composer Pro II, Sweet 80 optic, front and rear lens caps, and a microfiber lens bag.

The Creative Bokeh optic ($99.95) is compatible with the Lensbaby Composer series or the Muse, Control Freak or Scout bodies. Featuring a 50mm focal length and an ƒ-stop range of ƒ/2.5-22, the single-element optic has a 12-blade aperture and is designed to deliver a soft sweet spot with a subtle glow emanating outwards from the center of the image.


What makes this Lensbaby optic especially unique is the inclusion of 11 creative drop-in disks. Nine magnetic disks of various shapes and two blank disks that can be cut into any shape allow photographers to create one-of-a-kind images.

Sample image from Lensbaby, shot with the Creative Bokeh optic. Photo by Fotografie Chantal

The Creative Bokeh kit also includes Lensbaby’s Optic Swap tool/container, an aperture tool and storage case, a front lens cap and a small cleaning cloth.

Lensbaby is currently take pre-orders and expects to deliver both lenses in mid-October.

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