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Live: GoPro Global Launch Event

Big news is brewing at the camera maker, as it gets ready to announce new products. Watch the event live now!
GoPro cameras

We’re at GoPro’s global launch event at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. The camera maker’s CEO and founder Nick Woodman is set to announce new products and additional news, and you can watch the event live.

Live updates will appear below the livestream video, from oldest to newest during the event, so refresh for updates.

9:03 – After a 360-degree video introducing the camera, Woodman talked about the GoPro product line being a celebration of our life, right now.

Footage is stabilized automatically “so you can relive the movement just as you remember it.”

Fusion, says Woodman, isn’t just a VR camera. They use OverCapture to capture a 360-degree view and then select angles after you capture it.

“This is where cameras are headed. You shouldn’t have to point your camera,” says Woodman, you should just be able to capture it.

9:07 – Angel View allows the camera to be mounted and record “as if an angel” were floating above you, with the mount design hiding the pole holding the device.

Pano Flow allows for smooth video panoramas.

Little Planet creates a small video that looks like you’re photographing The Little Prince.

9:10 – Showing off the OverCapture feature, Woodman is displaying a video shot by a skateboarder who put the camera in the middle of a skateboard bowl, started recording and then used the OverCapture feature to edit THE FOOTAGE as if a cinematographer had been following him.

9:12 QuikStory is a feature that allows footage to be quickly made into an edited movie, without any additional work. Working much like automatic tools on photo tools like those from Apple, Google and Facebook.

9:14 – Karma is getting new features, including the ability to capture footage *above* it. The camera doesn’t capture the blades of the GoPro and the video they’re showing off looks like gimbal work, with the Karma flying under a row of palm trees.

9:16 – “Hey,” says Woodman. “What if we wanted to add new features to the Hero?” The camera would need a whole new processor, and Woodman enthusiastically launched into a display of footage shot on the new Hero 6.

GoPro cameras

If you get a chance to look at GoPro footage from a planetarium, I highly recommend it. While the domed surface has some limitations in image quality, it’s a great way to see your footage of kids riding bikes. 🙂

There are some super-crisp shots here, and some that are displaying some artifacts. I’m assuming the ones with artifacting were shot wide and cropped, or perhaps the projector just has issues with certain types of movement. The majority of the footage is breathtaking.

This screen is IMAX-like in it’s overall dimension, and much of this footage could be B or C camera work on a movie and A or B camera work on TV production.

“The Hero 6 is the best of everything GoPro,” says Woodman. It has better resolution, and faster WiFi transfer (up to three times faster). The GP1 processor that is at the heart of the GoPro Hero 6 gives 4K 60p and 1080 240p.

The camera can detect faces and use audio detection, plus GPS and the accelerometer to improve footage in the QuikStory mode.

9:20 – The Hero 6 is shipping now for $499. The Fusion is $699, and the bundled GoPro and improved Karma is $1,199.

9:25 – Woodman thanks the crowd and leaves the stage.

And stay tuned to our website and our social-media channels, as we share additional details on the new products.

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