Macphun Announces Aurora HDR 2017

MacPhun Aurora HDR 2017

Macphun has updated their popular HDR program, Aurora HDR. Co-developed with Trey Ratcliff, the latest edition, Aurora HDR 2017, launches at the end of September.

They’ve upgraded or added 20 features to the program. Some of these include new presets and layer tools. A couple that caught our eye is the upgrade to RAW image processing speed and the ability to support DNG files. And we’re always appreciative for more batch processing love, which HDR 2017 adds.

For more details check out the press release below.


San Diego, CA September 14, 2016 – Aurora HDR 2017, the new and improved version of Macphun’s award winning photo editing software downloaded over 600,000 times, is now available for preorder at

Aurora HDR 2017 is the one-step tool kit for casual and pro photographers. An improved user interface, along with faster performance and new powerful features, make for more versatility and higher quality images than before.

What’s new and improved about Aurora HDR 2017?

Aurora HDR 2017 includes an array of new features and improvements that will help any photographer get the most out of HDR imaging, delivering results from natural to highly stylized.

● New Luminosity Mask Controls
New Zone System controls for Luminosity Masks makes selective editing of photos fast and easy.

● New Tonemapping Engine
Improved algorithms are quicker, reduce noise, and handle tone, contrast and details better, resulting in more realistic and natural looking images.

● New Batch Processing
The single most requested feature since the launch of Aurora HDR, Batch Processing allows you to apply a set of effects to many images at one time. This tool automatically recognizes brackets, resizes and renames images, and more.

● New Polarizing Filter
Perfect for landscape photographers, this new control gives colors more depth and cuts atmospheric haze, resulting in richer, bluer skies.

● New Powerful Oneclick Presets
New Signature Pro presets by Trey Ratcliff, Captain Kimo and Serge Ramelli yield fantastic results instantly.

● New ways to work with Layers
New Blend Mode options for Layers and Textures include Darken, Color Burn and Lighten.

● New Top & Bottom Adjustment Panel:
This popular tool now includes new contrast, vibrance, and warmth sliders, adding an extra level of selective control.

● Faster RAW Processing & DNG Support
Significant speed improvements and support for handling the latest RAW and DNG files.

Watch photographer and Apple’s former Technical Marketing Manager, Joseph Linaschke, introduce Aurora HDR 2017’s new features here . A full list of the new features and improvements can be found in the Aurora HDR 2017 media kit.


Aurora 2017 is now available for preorder at and will officially launch on September 29 th for $99 at

PreOrder Pricing

$89 for new users

$69 for the current owners of Aurora HDR

$49 for the current owners of Aurora HDR Pro

The preorder will run from September 14th until September 29th. Preorder customers will also receive a bonus pack worth $300 that includes:

● BONUS: Trey Ratcliff Aurora HDR 2017 “Deep Dive” video

● BONUS: 1 Year basic subscription to SmugMug, a leading photo sharing and website solution

● BONUS: 60day KelbyOne membership offering over 10,000 lessons for creatives

● BONUS: 25 Square Prints from Parabo Press (with free global shipping)




To learn more about Aurora HDR, please visit


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