Meyer-Optik Nocturnus Is A New Lens For Sony E-Mount

Meyer-Optik Nocturnus 50mm f0.95 II lens

The Meyer-Optik Nocturnus 50mm f0.95 II is a new low-light manual focus standard lens for Sony E-mount systems from German lens maker, Meyer-Optik. The lens is optimized for full-frame sensors but can work APS-C cameras.

It has an aperture that ranges from ƒ0.95 to ƒ22, offering flexibility in low light and depth-of-field. Meyer-Optik calls the lens a “low-light monster” as hinted by the name Nocturnus.

Inside the lens, there are 10 elements in  7 groups, along with 15 steel aperture blades. According to Meyer-Optik, the 15 blades are coated with anti-reflective coating that helps create pleasant bokeh with circular highlights. It comes with a minimum focus distance of 50cm.

The lens won’t be available in the U.S. until January 1, 2017 when it will sell for $2,995.

Coming Soon: The Nocturnus 50mm f0.95 II, a Low-Light ‘Monster’ with Meyer Optik’s Signature Bokeh

Photographers in search of a lens with extraordinary low-light performance, incredible bokeh, and the finest in German craftsmanship, can turn to Meyer Optik’s latest offering — the Nocturnus 50mm f0.95 II.

Meyer Optik, whose modern line of high-quality manual lenses has earned raves for its signature bokeh, is now bringing that wonder-inducing blur to a lens that impresses with its exceptional light intensity. With a maximum aperture of f0.95, the Nocturnus is among the “fastest” lenses on the market.

Yet, a unique design that relies on 15 steel aperture blades with anti-reflex coating sets it apart by allowing it to achieve a high degree of sharpness even when used at maximum aperture. The Nocturnus sets the standard for a lens that combines amazing bokeh and low-light capability.

“The Nocturnus needs a minimal amount of available light to work its magic,” said Dr. Stefan Immes, Meyer-Optik-Goerlitz CEO. “Its bokeh, low-light performance and sharpness combine to make it virtually unrivaled in today’s marketplace.

The Nocturnus was specially designed for use on mirrorless, full-frame cameras with a Sony E-Mount. It is expected to begin shipping in January at an estimated retail price of $2,999 USD.

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