Moose Peterson Partners With MindShift Gear For New Camera Bags

Moose Peterson MP-1 camera bag

In a partnership with nature and wildlife photographer, Moose Peterson, MindShift Gear is (re)newing his namesake bag lines. Originally, Peterson created a line of bags in the 1990s with function called “Moose Ears” that allowed outdoor photographers to access their gear quickly while also providing dust and water protection.

How the “Moose Ears” concept works is when a photographer reaches into his or her bag to remove or put in gear, the flap automatically closes and seals itself to keep the gear and interior safe.

MindShift built version 2.0 bags so that they have individual compartments for each piece of a photographers kits. This ensures that only one section of the bag needs to be open at a time, instead of the usual one large compartment with dividers treatment that most bags have.

The new Moose Peterson bags come in three version the MP-1 V2.0 ($350), MP-3 V2.0 ($280), and the MP-7 V2.0 ($200). Each version is supposed to be able to fit up to three camera bodies and their lenses comfortably.

The difference is in what size lenses that each bag can comfortably fit. The MP-1, for example, can comfortably hold a detached 800mm lens, but the MP-7 would have some trouble holding much more than a standard 70-200mm telephoto.

Check out all of the bags here.

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