New BenQ Monitors Claim Less Eye Strain

A screen grab from BenQ’s website featuring its anti-eyestrain technology.

While most photographers and videographers would rather edit their images and video all day long, the truth is most content creators need to do a lot of reading, writing and research. And all of that gazing into a monitor can lead to eyestrain, or perhaps, worse.

According to the website,, BenQ, which makes computer monitors and other devices, hopes to help: The company has introduced two new monitors—the BenQ GL2780 (27-inch monitor, $180) and BenQ GL2480 (24-inch monitor, $150)—with exclusive Eye-Care Technology, which hopes to alleviate some of that strain by making these screens mimic ePaper. In short, they’re attempting to turn the monitors into larger-sized Amazon Kindles (although it’s really a simulated attempt, in order to keep the monitor inexpensive). They’re expected to be available in August.

And while you might not want this for your main photo-editing or video editing screen, you might consider adding this type of monitor to your workflow to ease eyestrain. Of course, at the moment, it’s unclear if the feature will be a panacea for eye-strain, but it looks promising.

According to BenQ’s website, in “today’s digital era, people spend more and more time on digital devices for work and play in everyday life. As the industry-leading life solution provider, BenQ has developed its proprietary eye-care technologies for its monitor users to gain quality time for their viewing activities.”

For more, check out BenQ’s Eye Care monitor site.

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