New Sekonic Flashmate L-308X-U Is A Versatile And Affordable Light Meter

Heads up to photographers and cinematography in need of a new light meter! Sekonic has recently launched the new Sekonic Flashmate L-308X-U, touted as the most versatile and affordable light meter for both still photography and video projects.

Sekonic’s latest light meter comes in the same compact and intuitive form of the earlier L-308S-U and L-308DC-U while combining their features and functionality in one convenient package. It also has some new features, including the useful LCD backlight, Aperture (F) Priority Measurement (in Photo Mode), and ISO 850 to make video work easier using today’s professional cinema cameras.

The main draw of the new Sekonic Flashmate L-308X-U is its functionality for both photography and cinematography, making it a great tool for various photography and video projects. It also offers three metering modes: Photo Mode for on-location or studio photography, HD Cine Mode for video work using HDSLRs and mirrorless cameras and Cine Mode for assisting cinematographers as they scout for locations or metering while on set.

The Sekonic Flashmate L-308X-U is now available for $219.

See the press release below.


Introducing The Sekonic Flashmate L-308X-U

The world’s most versatile and affordable light meter for the next generation of photographers and cinematographers.

Tokyo, Japan, March 1st, 2018 — Sekonic Corporation, the leader in innovation and engineering of photographic light meters, announces their latest addition to the L-308 series of light meters, the Flashmate L-308X-U – the world’s most versatile meter for photographers and cinematogaphers. Ready to meet the needs of a new generation of image makers, the new L-308X-U retains the compact and intuitive design of its predecessors, the L-308S-U and L-308DC-U. It also blends their features and functionality into one easy to use tool and adds a few new features, such as the long-awaited LCD backlight, Aperture (F) Priority Measurement (photo mode), and ISO 850, which will help cinematogaphers work more easily with today’s professional cinema cameras.

“The versatility of today’s cameras has expanded the capabilities and creativity of today’s image makers at an amazing rate. With just one camera, today’s shooters have become multimedia image‐makers blending both still and moving images seamlessly for unprecedented storytelling. Sekonic is the recognized leader in light measuring tools for both the still and motion picture industries. We have taken our expertise and years of experience to create the perfect entry‐level light meter, ideal for the next generation of multi‐talented, value-conscious photographers and cinematographers,” stated Kenji Sawai, Executive Officer of Sales & Marketing.

A Legacy of Accuracy
Pocket-sized and exceptionally accurate, the L-308X-U Flashmate Light Meter is a compact light measuring tool for photography and cinematography. Consistently accurate to within 0.1 EV, the L-308X-U has wide metering ranges for measuring ambient light, flash light, and illuminance. At ISO 100, the L-308X-U can measure ambient light from 0 to 19.9 EV, flash light from f/1.0 to f/90.9, and illuminance, with an optional accessory, from 2.50 to 190,000 lux or 0.23 to 17,000 foot candles. By sliding the Lumisphere to the side to reveal it 40° lens, the L-308X-U is also able to measure reflected ambient or flash light as well.

Maximum Versatility
By merging functionality for both photography and cinematography into one light meter, Sekonic is providing image makers of every kind a powerful and invaluable tool. With the new Flashmate L-308X-U, image makers now have a simple and easy to use measuring tool for any camera and any situation.

Three Ways to Meter
Keeping pace with the demands of modern image creators that move from assignment to assignment, the L-308X-U keeps pace with the demands of modern image creators by featuring three metering modes:

Photo Mode The L-308X-U offers full exposure control for photographers on-location or in the studio. Measurement data for flash and ambient light readings are clearly displayed on screen, as well as ambient EV measurement. In addition to Shutter Priority Mode, the new Aperture Priority Mode offers photographers care free measurements where depth-of-field is critical.

HD Cine Mode provides filmmakers and videographers using HDSLRs and mirrorless cameras with the ability to use shutter speeds and frame rates to get exposure readings accurate to within one-tenth of a stop in accuracy.

Cine Mode gives cinematographers a compact solution for scouting locations or as a quick go-to solution while they are on set. The 308X-U lets users select from a range of frame rates and shutter angles, while measuring accurately, to within one-tenth of a stop. Also, the addition of ISO 850 greatly assists cinematographers by giving them the option of taking measurements in the native ISOs of many of today’s professional cinema cameras.

In all modes, users can easily switch between measuring incident and reflected light by sliding the Lumisphere to the side, while HD Cine and Cine mode users can measure illuminance in either Lux or Foot Candles with the addition of the optional Lumidisc Accessory. (Sold separately.)

Pricing: Available Now!
Sekonic Flashmate L-308X-U (401-305): $219.00

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