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New StellaPro Reflex Offers Continuous LED & Strobe in One Light

Just launched hybrid light provides constant illumination and digital bursts
Photo of StellaPro Reflex S

Light & Motion just launched the Stella Pro Reflex and Stella Pro Relfex S, which the company calls “the first hybrid lights” that offer both continuous LED lighting and a strobe-like effect called Digital Burst in one light.

“These powerful, versatile lights allow photographers to switch seamlessly between continuous lighting and Digital Burst in real time without any compromise in performance or power,” Light & Motion said in a press release this morning. Being able to quickly change from continuous LED to the pulsing strobe-like effect of Digital Burst should appeal to both photographers and videographers along with other visual creatives.

According to Light & Motion, Digital Burst technology is a patented design that lets the StellaPro Reflex S fire off up to 20 lit frames “in full-power bursts at any shutter speed without misfiring or overheating.”  Flash duration on the StellaPro Reflex S ($1096) model can be adjusted from 5 milliseconds to 1/2 millisecond with a full power Digital Burst lighting 20 frames per second. The StellaPro Reflex ($849) model has a constant flash duration time of 5 milliseconds with a full power Digital Burst lighting 10 frames per second.

The StellaPro Reflex and Reflex S have a compact, weatherproof, handholdable design that is drop tested to one meter and weighs just 1.8 pounds, including the battery. Reflex’s swappable battery fits into the handle of the light and can produce up to 15,000 full-power, 5-millisecond bursts on a single charge. For continuous lighting, the battery run time ranges from 600 minutes at 100 lumens to 30 minutes at 6000 lumens.

The Reflex is designed as an off-camera light that can be controlled remotely by Godox or Elinchrom triggers. Reflex can also be powered by 100W USB-C sources.


The Reflex offers up to 6000 lumens of continuous light via its battery or 9000 lumens off a 100W USB-C power supply. In burst mode, Reflex can fire off up to 18,000 lumens of light at pulses of 20 frames per second without misfires or any recycle time, according to Light & Motion.

Reflex is compatible with a variety of Light & Motion’s light modifiers along with Profoto, Chimera and Bowens soft boxes. You can pre-order the StellaPro Reflex ($849) at B&H here and and the Reflex S ($1,096) here. Check out a hands-on look at the new lights from B&H below.


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