New Tech LightBanks for ARRI SkyPanel LEDs Available From Chimera Lighting

Chimera Lighting saw a need for better light modifiers to better manage the output from LED light sources. In response, they created Tech Lightbanks for the ARRI S30 and S60 SkyPanel LED fixtures. These lightbanks come with mounting fixtures, different front screens and storage sacks.

For full details, read Chimera Lighting’s full press release below. — Scott Younker


Boulder, April 4, 2016— As the availability and use of LEDs has grown, so has the need for light modifiers to better sculpt the output from these efficient light sources. Responding to this industry need, Chimera Lighting has created Tech Lightbanks for ARRI’s S30 and S60 SkyPanel LED fixtures. The new Chimera Tech Lightbank series delivers the quality and durability that Chimera is known for.

Given the two companies’ leading positions in the industry and their long-standing relationship, Mike Wagner, ARRI Inc’s Senior Product Manager/Lighting, explained that, “We have a long history of working together that when it came time to look for options for the new fixture, Chimera was a natural fit.”

The Tech Lightbank for the smaller, ARRI SkyPanel S30 includes the lightbank body, mounting frame, full diffusion front screen, 1/2 and 1/4 grid front screens, 1/8 grid inner baffle and a storage sack.

Two options are available for the mid-sized ARRI SkyPanel S60: A Shallow model, with a depth of 12-inches and a Standard version, with a depth of 16 inches. In addition to the lightbank body, both are bundled with a mounting frame, a full diffusion front screen, 1/2 and 1/4 grid front screens and a storage sack. The Shallow model also includes a 1/8 grid inner baffle.

Additionally, a wide range of accessories—including various egg crate fabric and honeycomb metal grids, as well as barn doors—are available to complement and extend the Chimera Tech Lightbanks’ and ARRI SkyPanel LEDs’ versatility.

The lightbanks are currently available through ARRI. For more information, visit: and

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