New Westcott Flex Led Mats & Scrim System Now Available

The Westcott Flex was introduced earlier this year and quickly made a splash in the filmmaking and photography world thanks to its innovative, practical design. The Flex is a bendable, pliable LED mat with an impressive output and superior light quality. The 10″ x 10″ models, which became available early 2015, came in daylight and tungsten versions with a 1900 ~ 1700 lux output at 1 meter and high 95 and 98 CRIs. These mats weigh a mere 7 ounces and are water resistant with an IP 64 rating.

Exhibited to much acclaim at industry events including the NAB Show, Cine Gear Expo, and PDN’s PhotoPlus conference, Westcott announced impressive additions to their LED lineup. Including 10” x 3”, 1′ x 1′, 1′ x 2′, 1′ x 3′, and 2′ x 2′ daylight Flex LED mats and 10” x 3”, 1’ x 1’, and 1’ x 2’ bicolor Flex LED mats.

Flex Daylight mats feature a 5600K color temperature with a high 95 CRI. Weighing between 3 ounces and 3 pounds, with outputs between 500 and 9100 lux at 1 meter, these light sources pack a huge amount of power into a ridiculously compact, travel friendly form. Flex BiColor mats are equally lightweight and powerful, with the added ability to adjust color temperature from anywhere between 2800K and 6000K. These lights feature all of the same flexible, water resistant innovations as the original 10″x10″ models, with the added ability to be mounted with the new Scrim Jim Cine system. A lithiumion battery is also now available for use with the 10” x 3”, 10” x 10”, and 1’x1’ Flex mats. This compact dtap style battery also packs a lot of power into a compact design and can run a 1’ x 1’ Flex on fullpower for over 3 hours. A dtap/ptap cable is also available for filmmakers and photographers who already own a battery.

The Scrim Jim Cine, nicknamed the Erector set of lighting, is a completely modular light control system with exchangeable bounce, block, diffusion, and net fabrics. Available in frame sets in sizes up to 8’ x 8’, the Scrim Jim Cine is a dream lighting solution for photographers, cinematographers, DPs, and filmmakers.

The durable yet lightweight Scrim Jim Cine system features riveted Velcro that not only attaches Scrim Jim Cine fabrics, but also Flex LED mats. Silk Diffusers mount instantly to these frames to diffuse and perfect the Flex output. Once modified with the Scrim Jim Cine frames, the Flex can be mounted to light stands via vice grips, grip heads, or clamps. This ingenious mounting system breakdown effortlessly for easy portability.

An optional softbox is also now available for more direct Flex modification. This portable unit breaks down flat and attaches quickly to the rear of the Flex and Scrim Jim Cine with its own Velcro edging.

Flex mats are available separately, in Cine Sets with Scrim Jim Cine frames, or in complete kits. Scrim Jim Cine frames are also available separately or in complete kits.

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