Sony a6400 Firmware Update Includes Eye AF For Animals

Sony’s latest firmware (Version 2.0) allows Sony a6400 to perform real-time Eye AF for animals
If you had to name the most important part of a portrait or image that includes living beings—whether human or animal—and has remained so throughout the centuries, going back as far as the Italian and Northern Renaissance right up to the present day, it would be this: The eyes. And it’s perhaps one of the reasons Sony is so focused on expanding... Read more

Sony Expands Lens Lineup With Telephoto And Telephoto Zoom

Sony brings two new powerful but pricey lenses to the market
Sony has introduced two new powerful lenses into its full-frame lens lineup: The FE 200-600mm F5.6-6.3 G OSS super-telephoto zoom lens (model SEL200600G) and the FE 600mm F4 GM OSS super-telephoto prime lens (model SEL600F40GM). Both offer photographers the ability to capture subjects at the same super-telephoto focal length (600mm), but at much different... Read more

Photo News Digest: Fujifilm GFX100 Mirrorless Medium-Format Camera, The Lucie Photography Awards And More

Find out what’s happening in the photo world today
Fujifilm’s GFX100’s high-resolution sensor makes it a powerful camera for portraits.   New Product—Fujifilm GFX100 Mirrorless Medium-Format Camera Last week, during a special NDA (or non-disclosure agreement) hands-on meeting, Fujifilm created quite the stir in the camera industry: It officially announced the price and shipping date... Read more

First Look: Fujifilm GFX100 Mirrorless Medium-Format Camera

We got our first peek at Fujifilm’s mirrorless medium-format camera
Fujifilm GFX100 mirrorless medium-format digital camera Several months ago, Fujifilm announced that it would be bringing a 100-megapixel medium-format camera to the market. And now that time has come: Today, Fujifilm announced its flagship GFX100 mirrorless digital camera. The new model includes a newly-developed 102-megapixel sensor that’s quite... Read more

Olympus Makes A Splash With New Waterproof Camera

The new Olympus Tough TG-6 point-and-shoot lets you capture photos and video in places you’d never take your other cameras or phones into
If you’ve never shot an underwater photo, or better yet, an underwater video, you’re in for a surprise. Because in many cases, it can turn a simple plunge into the pool into an incredibly expressive photograph or video, in which light, color, movement and the human form are wonderfully distorted in a surreal and almost organic way. And then there... Read more

Photo News Digest: Adobe Tools And Tutorials, Photo-Book Competition And More

Find out what’s happening in the photo world today
New Software Tools And Tutorials: One of the benefits of having a cloud-based software suite, like Adobe’s Creative Cloud, is that the company can continually update individual apps or a series of apps to expand features. It can also provide guidance on using those tools. Earlier this week, Adobe did both: It released several new features for various... Read more

Nikon Video Contest Offers $25,000 Grand Prize

Filmmakers and content creators are invited to submit a short film shot on a Nikon Z series mirrorless camera for the chance to win cash and prizes
Nikon Video Contest Offers $25,000 Grand Prize
On May 15, Nikon kicked off the “Follow Your Passion” video contest, which invites filmmakers and content creators in the United States to submit 3- to 5-minute short films that were shot using a Nikon Z series mirrorless camera. Great prizes are up for grabs for the first, second and third place winners. First and second place winners will receive... Read more

Photo News Digest: Garry Winogrand, Drones & More

Find out what’s happening in the photo world today.
Fine-Art Photography: Garry Winogrand’s “Color” photography exhibition has just opened at the Brooklyn Museum, running through December 8. Although known for his black-and-white images that pioneered the “snapshot aesthetic,” Winogrand shot more than 45,000 color slides in the 1950s and 1960s. The museum is showing 400 of these rarely... Read more

Adobe Temporarily Removes $10 Option For Creative Cloud Plan, Angering Photographers

The new pricing plan—which includes Photoshop and Lightroom—appeared as a test to increase the digital-imaging service from $10 to $20 a month
Adobe Temporarily Removes $10 Option For Creative Cloud Plan Angering Photographers
Adobe had angered many photographers yesterday when they learned the company had seemingly changed its cloud pricing plan by eliminating the $9.99 per month option so that the cheapest option photographers and content creators could select was now $19.99 per month, according to reports from Petapixel. Petapixel also notes that Adobe has offered... Read more

World Press Photo Announces Contest Winners

Results of the renowned photography contest included 43 nominees from 25 countries
On April 11, the World Press Photo Foundation, which runs one of the most coveted photo contests for photographers and photojournalists, announced the winners of the 62nd annual World Press Photo Contest and the 9th annual World Press Photo Digital Storytelling Contest. The news was broadcast from its annual awards show in Amsterdam. “Crying Girl... Read more

Fine-Art Photography Friday: The AIPAD Photography Show In New York City

Gallery owners, curators, book dealers and publishers show rising stars in the fine-art photography world next to photo veterans and old masters
For photographers interested in getting their work represent by a fine-art gallery or if you’re looking to be inspired by some incredible images, the AIPAD Photography Show, which opened this past Thursday and runs through Sunday, April 7, is a must-see show. The event, which is held each year at Pier 94 on the west side of Manhattan in New York,... Read more

Fine-Art Photography Friday: International Center Of Photography’s “For Freedoms” Exhibition And More

Visit some of these intriguing fine-art photography exhibitions taking place around the U.S.
When visiting a museum, I like to be left alone so it’s just me and the photographs (or whatever works of art I’m studying). Yet when I recently visited the “For Freedoms: Where Do We Go From Here?” exhibition at International Center of Photography in New York (which opened in February and runs through April 28) there was a conspicuous difference... Read more