Panasonic Announces 6K GH5 and 8K Plans

At a press conference at the Photokina trade show, Panasonic celebrated the 15th anniversary of their digital camera product lines and announced the Lumix GH5. The new camera will be able to capture 6K video at 30p.

Panasonic’s Jake Hirose, Manager for Panasonic Marketing UK also announced a commitment to deploy 8K video and still cameras by the 2020 Olympic games, thanks to new sensor designs. 8K video will result in 33MP stills, and their cameras will include “super high dynamic range.”

After highlighting Panasonic developments of the last 15 years—including the first mirrorless interchanabgle lens camera, image stabilization, 4K video capture in a compact body—the company unveiled the new GH camera. In a video about the GH4, several videographers praised the video features and the inconspicuous nature of the GH series.

The new GH5 will ship in the first quarter of 2017, and will feature the “next generation of 4K video” It will capture 6K video at 30fps. The camera will also shoot burst of 8MP (4K) images at up to 60 fps.

The company also announced several new lenses, including an 8-18mm, 12-60 and 50-200mm lenses, with availability and pricing to be announced in the future.

The company also announced the new G80 and G81, with new stabilization and water resistance, the FZ2000 bridge camera and the compact LX15.

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