Phase One Releases Large XF System Firmware Update

Phase One XF System

Phase One has a new firmware update for their XF Camera System that the company is very excited about. The firmware update has some cool features, like a now complete electronic shutter integration—a first for medium format photography Phase One claims, and improved flash controls, as well as, improved Profoto lighting connectivity.

However, what caught our eye in the press release is the new XF-V Grip. As seen in the image above, the grip attaches to the bottom of the camera. It does come with its own shutter button and a few other control options. It truly does seem to be a massive improvement to handheld videography and photography for the XF system.

For more details check out the press release below.


COPENHAGEN, Oct. 3, 2016 – Phase One, the world’s leading medium format camera system provider, today released a major XF Camera System update. Available now and free to all XF Camera System owners, this update demonstrates Phase One’s commitment to the continuous upgrade and improvement of the XF camera platform.
Feature Update #3 greatly advances the features of the world’s first full frame medium format CMOS sensor. The IQ3 100MP system now includes complete Electronic Shutter integration — the world’s first in medium format photography. With the ability to capture images without a single moving component, the IQ3 100MP is now even more versatile.

The update adds significant improvements for studio and flash photography applications such as advanced flash controls with the in-camera Profoto Air Remote enabling Profoto TTL metering. Further, a post capture Flash Analysis Tool has been added to ensure unparalleled control.

Phase One also today introduced the new XF V-Grip, providing advanced ergonomic capabilities and control options.

The world’s best warranty becomes even better
Phase One’s dedication to product quality, in combination with the maturity of the XF Camera System, provides professional photographers with the assurance they demand.
“All XF IQ3 Camera Systems come with a five-year warranty that now includes unlimited shutter actuations, a warranty unprecedented in our industry,” says Stefan Sandor, VP Marketing and Product Management, Phase One.
Phase One’s XF Camera System Feature Update #3 introduces

Advanced Studio Hardware, Controls and Workflow:

  • Flash Analysis and Rear Curtain Trim
    Review all aspects of the flash output just after the capture, directly on the XF Camera System and offset the flash sync to meet your requirements;
  • Profoto Air
    Full functionality of the Profoto Air for up to six groups, now built directly into the XF Camera System;
  • Profoto AirTTL
    Integrated with the XF Camera System’s Auto Focus sensor to provide active feedback and deliver accurate exposures with every capture, no matter the variables.
  • V-Grip for the XF Camera System
    Providing advanced ergonomic capabilities and control options, the XF Camera System V-Grip ensures simplicity as well as dynamic improvements to handheld workflow applications.

Advanced Technology, Tools and Customization:

  • Electronic Shutter for the IQ3 100MP
    The IQ3 100MP now includes complete Electronic Shutter integration. With the ability to capture images without a single moving component, the IQ3 100MP is even more versatile.
  • Additional New Customization and Workflow Options
    With Feature Update #3, the XF Camera System now includes Icon Control, Create, Load & Save System Setup, Advanced Tool Options for sequence tools, as well as several other new improvements and features.

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Availability and Pricing
Firmware for the XF Camera System Feature Update #3 is free and available for download here: 
New XF V-Grip will be shipping in November and is available through Phase One photography partners worldwide:

Prices for Phase One XF V-Grip – 1,490 USD


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