Phottix Announces Premio Parabolic Umbrella Series

Phottix Premio Parabolic Umbrellas

Phottix has announced its Premio Parabolic Umbrella series, replacing the company’s popular Para-Pro umbrellas. The new line includes 85cm/33” and 120cm/47” Shoot-Through Umbrellas ($40-$50) and 85cm/33” and 120cm/47” Reflective Umbrellas ($55-$45).

For the shoot-throughs, 85cm and 120cm black backing ($15-$25) provides two extra stops of light with better control of light spill, while 85cm and 120cm white diffusers ($15-$25) for the reflective models transform the umbrellas into big softboxes.

The new Premio Parabolic umbrellas feature a more substantial build quality, making them more durable for on-location work in addition to studio shoots, while a redesigned deeper umbrella gives photographers more lighting versatility. Phottix has also reworked the locking mechanism for additional strength and easier setup.

The Premio Parabolic umbrellas are available through the Phottix online store, as well as through other retailers.

Learn more on the Phottix Premio Parabolic umbrellas here.

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