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Phottix Introduces Nuada VLED Lighting Series

The LED lighting solutions are designed for video work, portraiture and product photography
LED lighting

Phottix Nuada P VLED Light

Phottix builds upon its original VLED lights with the introduction of a new series of continuous LED lighting solutions, the Nuada VLED Video LED Light. There are currently two models in the line—the Nuada S VLED ($85), suitable for video work, portraiture or product photography, and the Nuada P VLED ($95), a strip-style LED designed to create highlights and especially dramatic portraits.

LED lighting
Phottix Nuada S VLED Light

Check out the video of Phottix Pro Jiggie Alejandrino working with the new Nuada VLED lights, shooting high-key for a recent product photo shoot:

The portable soft-light panels can fit in small bags, and even a pocket, making them a versatile choice for both the studio and on-location photographer. They can be used handheld, on the camera’s hot-shoe or on a light stand. The LEDs have a 1/4” mounting lug and detachable cold-shoe adapter. They run on Sony-compatible NP-series batteries; a NP-F550 battery and USB battery charger are included.

Here’s a snapshot of features from Phottix:

  • Color rendering with a CRI rating of 95+
  • Digital power control
  • Digital color temperature control from 3300K to 5600K
  • Backlit LED display
  • Soft light design

The Nuada S VLED measures 7.5” x 5”, and the Nuada P VLED measures 10” x 3.9”. They’re available now from the Phottix online store and Phottix resellers.

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