PolarPro Announces Availability Of PowerGrip H2O and Trippler

Newport Beach, C.A (PRWEB) December 07, 2015—Today, PolarPro, a manufacturer of professional-grade action camera accessories which recently secured investment on ABC’s popular Shark Tank, announced the immediate availability of its PowerGrip H2O, the world’s first underwater-charging, battery-integrated extension pole system for GoPro®, and the compact three-in-one hand grip, extension pole and mini tripod dubbed the Trippler. The two new products continue to expand the already-diverse PolarPro accessories line up and mark the company’s third Kickstarter-funded success, having raised almost 200% of its initial funding goal. The PowerGrip H2O and the Trippler can be purchased at more than 1,500 retail locations worldwide or direct at https://www.polarprofilters.com.

“The PowerGrip H2O and the Trippler are the latest examples of how our product line has evolved to meet the unique demands of our desire to capture life’s adventures,” said PolarPro CEO Jeff Overall. “Our products are born of adventure, and I think that’s what really resonates with the Kickstarter community, which has truly embraced our innovative approach to adventure gear. We definitely have plans to make those supporters part of our continued growth.”

PowerGrip H2O – World’s First Underwater, Live-Charging GoPro Extension Pole For off-the-grid selfie shooters and underwater adventure junkies, few things can be more frustrating than the constant drain of the notoriously-short GoPro® battery life. PowerGrip H2O’s built-in 6,700 mAh Lithium battery provides up to 12 hours of shooting and with the add-on Waterproof Live Charging Kit, users can follow the action anywhere, easily transitioning from theme park selfies, to snowy mountain peak POVs, even live-charging an action cam down to 99 feet in the deep blue. The optional Waterproof LED Light Bar offers a streamlined 450 lumen lighting solution for scuba diving or night filming.

Crafted from extremely durable glass-filled nylon, the PowerGrip H2O extends from its lightweight (only 9.5 oz.) and compact 11 inch battery-integrated base grip, to 22 and 33 inch configurations (15 oz. in total), making the PowerGrip H2O a selfie fanatic’s perfect companion. Additional integrated features help make the PowerGrip H2O a truly universal accessory for every shooting situation, including a built in ¼” 20 tripod mount, a removable quick-release mount compatible with PolarPro’s popular StrapMount system (which securely attaches directly to a backpack strap, scuba BCD, life vest, etc.), and a selfie mount compatible with most popular smartphone models.

Carrying an MSRP of $99.99 for the base model, and $149.99 with the underwater live-charge kit/LED light combo, the PowerGrip H2O is available via PolarPro’s international network of retail partners and at www.polarprofilters.com/products/powergriph20.

See the PowerGrip H2O in action:

The Trippler

The Trippler – Three-in-One Grip/Extension Pole/Mini Tripod
Originally offered as a stretch goal for the successful PowerGrip H2O Kickstarter campaign, the Trippler is a lightweight, three-on-one accessory for smartphones, GoPro or other compact cameras. In its base configuration, the Trippler functions as a compact hand grip small enough to fit into just about any purse, camera bag or backpack, but with a simple twist, the telescopic extension turns the Trippler from a 7.5 inch grip to a 28 inch extension pole (selfie stick). Finally, with its hideaway feet extended, the Trippler becomes one of the most solid compact tripods on the market.

Manufactured from glass-filled nylon, the Trippler is durable enough for any adventure, and its integrated ¼” 20 ball head allows the camera or smartphone to be tilted and panned to capture the action. The Trippler’s ball head is also strong enough to mount the PowerGrip H2O, allowing shooters to leverage the on-board battery to create a powered tripod solution for night shooting or extended tie-lapse shots.

The Trippler is retailing for $49.99, and can be purchase in retail outlets worldwide, or direct at www.polarprofilters.com/products/tripplercelltripod.

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