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ProMediaGear Introduces Arca Compatible Nikon D850 Custom Bracket Plates

The Arca-Swiss compatible L-Bracket Plates and Custom Bracket Plates are crafted from high-strength aluminum

In need of a durable and reliable mounting solution for your Nikon D850? ProMediaGear has recently launched their new Custom L-Bracket Plates along with Custom Bracket Plates for the Nikon DSLR. The complete L-Bracket kit and the custom form-fitting bracket plate are made from high-strength aluminum, Arca-Swiss compatible, and features a two-piece design with expansion rails. They also include a built-in magnetic wrench storage and integrated port for #SS2 Quick Release Strap System.

The ProMediaGear Custom Bracket Plates are priced at $129.95 ~ $149.95 (depending on configuration) and come with a 5-year warranty.

See the press release and product information below.


ProMediaGear Launches Nikon D850 Custom Bracket Plates (Arca Compatible)

Orland Park, IL: ProMediaGear Introduces NEW D850 Custom L-Brackets

The Nikon D850 Custom Bracket Plates and Custom L-Brackets are IN-STOCK and SHIPPING! Treat your camera to the custom form fitting bracket plate and/or complete custom L-Bracket it deserves. Machined from High Strength Aluminum in our factory in Tinley Park, IL to precise specifications. Pick one up today!

ProMediaGear, Nikon D850 Custom Bracket Plates

• Nikon D850 Bracket Plate (PBND850)

• Nikon D850 Grip / MD-D18 Bracket Plate (PBNMBD18)

ProMediaGear, Nikon D850 Custom L-Bracket Plates (Complete Kit)

• Nikon D850 Custom L-Bracket Plate (PLND850)

• Nikon D850 Grip / MB-D18 Custom L-Bracket Plate (PLNMBD18)

Core Features:

  • High Strength Aluminum Construction
  • Two Piece Design with Expansion Rails
  • Built-in Magnetic Wrench Storage
  • Arca-Swiss Compatible
  • Integrated #SS2 Quick Release Strap System Port
  • 5-year warranty
  • Made in USA

Street Price: $129.95 ~ $149.95 (depending on configuration)

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