Savage Universal Introduces New Professional Studio Gear

CHANDLER, AZ (PRWEB) FEBRUARY 03, 2016 — Savage Universal, the worldwide leader in backgrounds and photographic products, is introducing several new products with the start of 2016, focused on their professional studio equipment gear. With high efficiency LED video lights, an auto-collapsing light stand, extra-wide background stands, lighting accessories and kits, Savage has aimed to procure items new to the market and exclusive to the brand.

The Savage Cobra LED Light Kit is a new full light set that was designed from start to finish with quick setup and breakdown in mind for the videographer on-the-go. The three-light setup consists of compact LED Video Lights with an ultra-thin, lightweight design. Each light holds 204 high-efficiency chip on-board LEDs, emitting 1440 lumens at 1 meter for up to 3 hours at full power. These lights are paired with three easy set light stands, the Savage Drop Stands. The stands feature unique auto-collapsing and extending legs that eliminate the hassle of leg locks, and are ideal for photographers needing to reposition their setup often or move between tight crowds. Also included in the kit are a 40” Flexible Arm accessory to control hair lighting and a heavy-duty steel Counterbalance for added support.

Savage Drop Stand

Among new background support systems is the Universal Stand; an extra-wide stand that extends out to 24ft wide and 10ft tall. This backdrop stand is ideal for large commercial photo shoots or theater productions. A unique middle bracket allows the stand to be configured in a corner (or any angle desired) to support two backgrounds and allow quick scene changes. A 12’ x 12’ Background Stand is also now available to suit large studio or location projects.

“Savage is proud to continue our trend of developing upgraded studio gear for both the amateur and professional photographer and to offer a reputable source for equipment that customers can trust, in areas now expanding beyond photography backgrounds.” said Executive VP/COO, Rich Reiser.

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