Sigma Unveils Compact 61MP fp L Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera & EVF-11 Electronic Viewfinder

Photo of Sigma fp L camera

Sigma just announced the Sigma fp L, which the company calls the “world’s smallest and lightest 61-megapixel full-frame mirrorless camera.” The new Sigma fp L is the follow-up to the 24.6MP Sigma fp from 2019 and features the same svelte design and dimensions, making this new model a coat-pocket-friendly interchangeable lens camera with a high-resolution image sensor, an improved hybrid autofocus system, continuous power capability, and several additional in-camera features designed for photographers and video creators.

The Sigma fp L will go on sale in mid-April 2021 for at $2,499 (camera body only).  A bundle including the new EVF-11 electronic viewfinder (product image below) will also be available at launch for $2,999. 

Photo of Sigma EVF-11

The EVF-11 electronic viewfinder is compatible the Sigma fp L and fp (with a firmware update) and is designed to provide “a crystal-clear view of users’ compositions.” The EVF-11 is priced separately at $699.

Like its predecessor, Sigma fp L mirrorless camera is compatible with L-mount lenses. Along with Sigma’s L-mount lenses, you can pair the fp L with L-mount lenses from Leica and Panasonic.

Here are a few important specifications about the Sigma fp L:

  • 35mm full size effective 61MP Bayer sensor
  • Contrast detection autofocus + Phase detection autofocus
  • World’s smallest and lightest full-frame camera
  • Robust & lightweight aluminum body
  • Dust and splash proof structure
  • Supports 12-bit Cinema DNG
  • Electronic image stabilization
  • Full-time electronic shutter 
  • Supports USB power supply
  • HDR Shooting

Photo of back of Sigma fp L

Here are more details on four key features of the new Sigma fp L, according to a press announcement from Sigma this morning.

“1. 61 megapixels. The highest resolution presented by SIGMA.

Leveraging our knowhow of image processing technology on Foveon sensors.
Thanks to the ultra-high resolution, SIGMA fp L is able to unleash your imagination and feature a low-pass filter to make a further contribution to the optical performance.

The SIGMA fp L features a Bayer sensor with approximately 61 effective megapixels, higher than any other SIGMA camera before it. In addition to images with fine details, the fp L is capable of creating images that are high-definition and rich in color, thanks to its ultra-high pixel count and SIGMA’s experience in developing cameras with a Foveon sensor, are renowned for both the exceptional resolving power and nuanced color gradients due to the unique nature of the X3 sensor. Furthermore, for its image quality that are in principle free of color artifacts, the Foveon sensor legacy was also behind the decision that the fp L should have a low-pass filter to reduce moiré to minimum levels. The use of a low-pass filter was a choice that made sense for a camera with an ample megapixels such as the SIGMA fp L.

2. Crop Zoom

Higher resolution. Greater freedom. Every shot is your dream shot.

A high pixel count means that images can stand extreme zooming or cropping. This was one aspect of an ultra-high pixel camera that led SIGMA to give the fp L a crop zoom feature that works in both the STILL and CINE modes. Thanks to its ample (approximately 61 effective) megapixels, the fp L can record in full HD quality even at its maximum 5x zoom; because this is accomplished simply by cropping with no digital enhancement, the image quality will not suffer. To use it in a more intuitive way, you can pinch to zoom on the LCD touch screen.

3. Hybrid Autofocus

Never miss your moment.

In addition to high-precision contrast AF, the SIGMA fp L features fast image plane phase-detection AF. This hybrid AF allows users to enjoy smooth autofocus that is high-precision, fast, and excellent at tracking a moving subject, whether they are shooting stills or video.

4. Unlimited power supply

Long hours of worry-free USB-C cable power supply.

The SIGMA fp L supports USB charging while the camera is on. You can shoot without interruption while charging the camera using a mobile battery, even outdoors or where you have no access to a power outlet. When using it as a webcam, just connect the fp L to a PC via USB and it works as an audio and video input device while getting its power supply from the PC. This means that you can use it for long hours without having to worry about the battery dying on you.”

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