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The Most In-Depth Look at the Canon EOS R3 Yet?

Popular YouTuber Peter McKinnon goes hands-on with forthcoming full-frame mirrorless camera
Photo of Canon R3

Popular YouTuber Peter McKinnon just posted a video offering what could be the most comprehensive look at the forthcoming Canon EOS R3 yet. In the video, which we have embedded below, McKinnon shares his hands-on impressions of the elusive R3 camera, which Canon has released very limited information about.

Titled “The Canon R3 Has Landed (Super Fast!!),” the eight-minute-long video shows McKinnon holding an R3 and sharing some of his initial thoughts on the camera, which Canon has revealed with be a full-frame mirrorless model capable of firing off 30 frames per second, even in Raw capture mode.

“Getting this into your hands, it’s kind of like a miniaturized version of the 1D X Mark III, in every way” McKinnon says comparing it to Canon’s flagship DSLR, while saying the R3 is “half the weight” of that camera. At the same time, McKinnon notes the R3 is quite a bit larger than the Canon R5. “It’s by no means a small camera. If you were trying to downsize and go to a small mirrorless set-up, when you go back to this, you are back in it: an additional grip with an additional shutter.”

Along with offering a hands-on look at the design and build of the R3, including a discussion of its flip-out rear LCD screen, McKinnon talks about and demonstrates the camera’s 30fps high-speed burst mode. “It’s absolutely, ridiculously fast,” he says. “It’s video. With the new car-tracking, people-tracking, animal-tracking; with that kind of speed of autofocus where it’s just blasting away, I don’t know how you would miss the shot? You can’t miss.”

No, McKinnon does not say how much resolution the R3 has – Canon hasn’t revealed the resolution though some websites think they’ve already determined the camera’s megapixel count – and he isn’t allowed to share any of the images he shot with the R3. He does, however, gives some good insight into his experiences with several already-announced key features of the R3 including Eye Control AF (autofocus), which lets you set the focus point in the viewfinder just by looking at it.

Most of all, McKinnon provides eager Canon photographers with a first in-depth look at the R3, which is expected to go on sale in late summer or early fall 2021. You can read what else we know about the R3, so far, in our previous stories here and here. You can also read about the experiences of Jeff Cable, who was one of a handful of photographers using the R3 at the recent Tokyo Olympics, here and here.

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