The Nikon D5 Is (Almost) Real

Well, it’s official, but we’re not surprised. Nikon announced that the full-frame D5 DSLR is in development—just a couple of months shy of the original D4’s January 6th four-year anniversary. CES takes place in early January 2016, and was held in early January 2012 when the D4 was announced. I’m no rocket scientist but, if patterns hold true, it shouldn’t be long before we get the full scoop on the D5.

Along with the development of the D5, Nikon also announced the development of a new Speedlight—the SB-5000. Still can’t figure out how the whole naming/numbering system works (if there is one), but the SB-5000 is slated to be the flagship of Nikon’s Speedlight line.

There’s a new WT-6 Wireless Transmitter in the works. Is that a sign that we’re still not getting a DSLR with on board WiFi? Just something to ponder.

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