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Westcott Solix LED Light Introduced

Available as part of three different kits, the compact, portable lighting solution is built to deliver quality daylight-balanced light in an intuitively designed package for both photographers and filmmakers
LED lighting

The lighting pros at Westcott make some of our favorite studio and location tools, and now the Solix LED light joins the Westcott universe. Available as part of three different kits, the new compact, portable lighting solution is built to deliver quality light in an intuitively designed package for both photographers and filmmakers, whether shooting on location or in the studio.

LED lighting

Emitting 5600K daylight-balanced light at up to 2100 lux at one meter, the flicker-free Solix has a CRI rating of 96+ (97+ TLCI), with a beam angle of 120 degrees. Removable barndoors allow for accurate control of light, with a frosted front diffuser designed to eliminate cross-shadows.

LED lightingLED lighting

The Solix has an integrated speedring with eight standard rod receptacles, allowing softboxes to be rotated 360 degrees. The unit is compatible with a number of modifiers—Westcott’s Pro softboxes, Signature softboxes, Shallow softboxes, stripbanks and 5-foot octabanks—as well as umbrellas. Accessories mount to the Solix’s magnetic front quickly and easily.

LED lighting

Featuring a heat-resistant housing, the Solix weighs 3.3 pounds, making it easy to store and carry. The AC/DC unit is rated for 50,000+ hours of usage, drawing only 60 watts of power.

The Solix is available in three kits:

  • Solix Compact Kit ($449.90)—includes the Solix LED with barndoors, diffuser and travel case
  • Solix Apollo Orb 1-Light Kit ($599.90)—includes the Solix LED with barndoors, diffuser, 43” quick-collapse softbox, stand and travel case
  • Solix 2-Light Kit by Jen Rozenbaum ($1,399.90)—includes two Solix LED with barndoors, diffusers, softboxes, stands, accessories and roller case
  • Portable D-Tap battery available for $319.90

Get more information at the Westcott website.

See the press release below:


Westcott has released the latest light source in it’s impressive lineup of LED lighting. The Westcott Solix is a professional, hassle-free light designed with an array of versatile features for on-the-go filmmakers and photographers. The Solix emits up to 2100 lux (at 1m) of 5600K daylight-balanced light with a high color accuracy rating of 96+ CRI (97+ TLCI) and a beam angle of about 120º.

The Solix incorporates an integrated rotatable speedring with 8 standard rod receptacles. It is compatible with a variety of modifiers, including Westcott’s line of Pro Softboxes, Signature Softboxes, Shallow Softboxes, Stripbanks, and 5’ Octabanks. This convenient mounting system allows traditional softboxes to be instantly rotated 360º.

Weighing only 3.3 pounds (1.5 kilograms), the Solix’s compact housing is extremely durable and heat resistant. The Solix features a removable barndoor system for precise light control and a frosted diffusion front that eliminates cross-shadows. These accessories conveniently mount to the Solix’s magnetic front for quick and easy modification.

For simple and precise operation, an output and power dial are located on the back of the unit along with a digital display. This energy-efficient AC/DC light draws only 60-watts and is rated for 50,000+ hours of use.

To further eliminate the need for adapters or brackets, the Solix was designed with an affixed tilter bracket and light stand mount. This feature allows for truly effortless light positioning. Additionally, the Solix’s tilter bracket includes a standard umbrella receptacle allowing for further modification options with umbrellas and umbrella-style softboxes.

The Solix is available in a Compact Kit, Solix Apollo Orb Kit, or in photographer Jen Rozenbaum’s complete 2-Light Kit with Softboxes, stands, PowerStrap by Tether Tools™, and a carry case. Each of these kits are remarkably affordable for photographers with any budget.

To learn more about the Solix, please visit


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Involved in manufacturing umbrellas since 1899, Westcott has a long history of designing innovative products and providing top-notch customer service. 50 years, 8 patents, and over 600 products later, Westcott is still manufacturing impressive lighting equipment for professional filmmakers and photographers across the globe.

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