8th Annual Emerging Pro


Pros Of The Future

The 8th Annual Emerging Pro Contest has come to a close. Thank you to everyone who submitted images. It’s always a treat for us to check out your work and share with our community as the contest unfolds. It was a difficult process choosing our nine finalists, but they didn’t disappoint! With the support of RED, each finalist created a cohesive set of five images over a four-week period using RED SCARLET cameras. It’s easy to see that each finalist put both thought and photographic skill into the images despite the tight schedule. As a result, we have diverse stories coming from unique personal perspectives.

Congratulations to our Grand Prize winner Braxton Wilhelmsen! His polished set of sports images blew us away and won him a SCARLET-X RED DRAGON camera and Epson Stylus Pro 4900 printer. Check out his images in the following pages, along with finalist submissions from Isabella Bejarano (Fashion & Beauty), Klaus Priebe (Fine Art) and Roberto Ojeda (Sports & Photojournalism), who earned Honorable Mentions in their respective categories.

Braxton Wilhelmsen
Grand Prize
Braxton Wilhelmsen

Honorable Mentions

Isabella Bejarano
Isabella Bejarano
Fashion & Beauty

Klaus Priebe
Klaus Priebe
Fine Art

Roberto Ojeda
Roberto Ojeda
Sports & Photojournalism

People’s Choice

Fred Morledge
View The Finalists:
Emily Perez
Laura Bello
Contender: Emily Perez
Mission To Mars
Contender: Laura Bello
Marco De Matteo
Todd McVey
Contender: Marco De Matteo
Dark Spring
Contender: Todd McVey
Kid Fencer 4
Pro Gear
Red Scarlet
The SCARLET-X RED DRAGON combines versatility and portability with the unrivaled power of the 19-megapixel RED DRAGON sensor. Capture motion video and still images at 6K resolution from 1 – 12 frames per second or up to 60 frames per second at 5K. Its 16.5+ stops of dynamic range give the SCARLET DRAGON the advantage in challenging lighting, while its durable aluminum body ensures that it holds up in extreme shooting conditions.
Pro Gear
Red Scarlet
Epson Pro Performance
When you rely on your printer on a daily basis, the 17-inch Epson Stylus® Pro 4900 is the ideal choice. It’s easy to get preoccupied with specifications. When it comes to printers, the proof is in the print itself. The Epson Stylus Pro 4900 is designed to give you incredible sharpness and color, as well as speed.