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Emerging Pro Photo Contest Winners

FIRST PRIZE - Photojournalism & Sports, Bryan Fuller

Dunkin' Doug

An old, completely abandoned church in Detroit served as a truly unique location for this shoot with my friend “Dunkin Doug” Anderson, a former College Slam Dunk Champion. With no electricity, we had only the natural light sneaking through the broken windows on each side of the gym. The graffiti, peeling paint, and piles of rubble served as the perfect backdrop for Doug’s high-flying dunks. We came away with a great series of shots that day, but I particularly loved Doug’s expression as he soared in for the slam in this shot.

SECOND PRIZE - Fine Art, Sarah Allegra

The Court Of The Dryad

The Dryad Queen is one of the first images I created for DreamWorld, an ever-expanding series which explores the realm of magic and intrigue our souls visit while we sleep. The small creatures of the forest flock to the Queen, drawn by her benevolence, protection and love. She ensures harmony and peace reign in her wood. I created the large crown and dress by hand at a cost of about $50. Model: Dedeker Winston.

THIRD PRIZE - Fashion & Beauty, Kyle Adler

Human-Machine Dance Project

How does the human body move when interacting with advanced technologies? This is the question that my collaborator Carly Lave embarks on a year-long Fulbright grant to research. I approached her to collaborate on a photography series informed by her research goals and artistry as a dancer. We explored several visual themes, each related to the timely question of how we humans will be transformed by increasing immersion into advanced technologies, including virtual reality, robotics, and interconnectivity. I developed this specific visual theme from a concept that Carly shared during our project kickoff meeting: “I found myself visualizing my body wrapped in cables coiled around my limbs and torso. I was thinking about the body in relation to embedded systems.” Working in a dance studio at Stanford University, I composed a series of images of Carly—her body carefully wrapped in coaxial cable—dancing with her own reflection in the mirror. This image is compelling because the off-center composition fools the viewer’s eye into believing there are two different dancers, interconnected, with the face of one dancer framed in the hands of both. It speaks to the concept of advanced technology binding us even as it connects us.

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