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6 Best Pieces of Time-lapse Gear Under $50

You won't blow out your video budget with this inexpensive equipment
Photo of time-lapse gear

If you love making video time-lapses these six-budget friendly pieces of equipment will be a great fit for your gear collection. They also happen to be super compact, making them easy to bring along whenever you leave the house with your camera gear. And since each of these time-lapse tools is under $50, you won’t blow out your budget.

Watch the video below from Matthew Vandeputte who explains why these are the best, inexpensive pieces of time-lapse gear and how to use them in the field.

#1 Manfrotto Super Clamp

We’ve told you about this piece of grip equipment before, but there is a reason it regularly makes the list of best budget video equipment—it’s a really good and versatile tool. The Manfrotto Super Clamp is handy when you can’t actually bring a tripod along to a shoot because of space issues. This clamp can be used to attach a camera to a railings or poles to create a lower profile when shooting time-lapses.

#2 Mini Magic Arm

The Manfroto Super Clamp becomes even more versatile when you pair it with Mini Magic Arms. Although you can find these at all kinds of price points, it’s best to choose ones in a mid-range price point because they will be a little more durable. These are great because if you can’t quite find the angle to mount a ballhead to your super clamp you can screw the magic arm into the super clamp and attach your camera to the magic arm.


#3 ND Filter

A $25 10-stop ND filter can do wonders to your time-lapse videos because it will give you more control over the light. Shooting a time-lapse with an ND filter attached to the front of your camera lens means you can extend your exposures even on the sunniest of days. Think of it as a pair of sunglasses for your camera gear.

#4 Sensor Cleaning Kit

A dusty sensor can ruin a good time-lapse, so it’s good to have a cleaning kit with you whenever you leave the house for a day of shooting. Make sure to pick up a kit that includes a sensor cleaning swab though—as wiping down your sensor with a microfiber cloth is likely to cause more harm than good. A kit that includes a lens brush and lens pen can also be handy for keeping the front of your glass clean before shooting.

#5 Tabletop Tripod

The Manfrotto Pixi tabletop tripod is a sturdy low-cost tool that’s a great option when there is a flat surface for setting up your camera for a time-lapse. It has a simple one-button push setup and a pocket sized design. It can also be used as a hand grip when shooting other styles of video.


#6 Collapsible Lens Hood

This unique lens hood has a collapsible design that makes it easy to travel with, while still maintaining a large diameter to help cut down on distracting reflections when shooting a timelapse video through a window. When used in the reverse position it can protect your camera lens from sprays and splashes too. Its construction is compatible with all 70-90mm lenses.

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