Giuliano Scarparo’s Dream-Like Images of Wildlife

Capturing animals in the wild with the eye of an artist
Photo of bear by Giuliano Scarparo
There’s a stillness to Giuliano Scarparo‘s photos of wildlife, as if the subjects of his compositions – be they bears, foxes or birds of many kinds – stopped and posed in front of his lens for a split second before disappearing into the delicate scenery behind them. There’s also an unreal quality to Scarparo’s scenes of nature,... Read more

Anita Sadowska’s Scintillating Swimwear Photography

We interview this Bali-based photographer on how she leverages her YouTube channel into a full-time business
Lead photo for Anita Sadowska profile
Like many people during the pandemic, I spent a lot of time on YouTube this past year. Whether I was watching concert footage of some of my favorite alternative rock bands from the 1990s or classic NBA highlights from the Jordan era, YouTube was the great escape that took me away from what had been an extremely stressful year. One of the other YouTube... Read more

5 Surreal Fine Art Photographers to Blow Your Mind

Photographers create out-of-this-world art using analog and digital magic
Photo from Jerry Uelsmann fine art
Fine art photography is still an incredibly popular topic with Digital Photo Pro‘s readership. In fact, our 2012 profile of master fine art photographer Jerry Uelsmann, which we updated a few years ago with a follow-up interview, remains one of the most trafficked stories on DPP of all time. Uelsmann pioneered surreal fine art photography with... Read more

5 Master Portrait Photographers to Inspire You

Read photographer profiles on these five masters of portraiture
Photo of Malkovich as Warhol
If you’re going to learn from someone, you might as well learn from the best. That’s how we felt while looking back at some of our favorite portrait photographer profiles from Digital Photo Pro over the years. Today we’ve rounded up interviews with five master portrait photographers from DPP to inspire you to take more great pictures. Our... Read more

Body Control: Daisy Seilern-Aspang Talks About Her Images of Human Bodies Doing Incredible Things

Photographer overcomes her fear of heights to capture death-defying portraits
Photo from Body Control series 1
When you see Daisy Seilern-Aspang‘s death-defying portraits you might not believe they’re real. Or, at the very least, you could assume her shots of athletes and performers posing in what would appear to be extremely risky positions in her series “Body Control” were created mainly through the magic of Photoshop. That’s... Read more

In Your Face! Michael Grecco Discusses New Book of Classic Punk, Post-Punk & New Wave Music Photos

Never-before-seen concert and backstage photos document an unforgettable era in music history.
Photo of the Dead Kennedys
I often wonder what it would’ve been like to see some of my favorite punk rock bands of the late 1970s in their prime. Since groups like the Ramones, Sex Pistols and the Clash were all a little bit before my time, much of my experience watching these bands play in the cramped, grimy clubs where they first started out consists of viewing grainy... Read more

Harold Ross: Master Of Shadows

The art of light-painted landscapes at night
“If you think about painting a landscape at night,” says Ross, “the areas that are lit are lit, and the areas that aren’t lit are completely black, completely unlit. So, just by using the lighten blend mode in Photoshop, we can get rid of that darkness.” Great photography can be magical when the artist creates a sense of wonder through... Read more

Julie Blackmon: No Place Like Home

This Missouri-based fine-art photographer makes off-kilter images of domestic life that are anything but humble
“Airstream,” 2011. For the Dutch genre painters who inspire photographer Julie Blackmon, 17th-century domestic life offered a familiar subject that was warm and fuzzy on its varnished surface. Yet these artists often invested their seemingly mundane interiors with hidden meanings: They used expressions, gestures and props to suggest that the activities... Read more

Vincent Laforet: The Magic Of The City In Motion

An award-winning photographer experiments with long-exposures and aerials
Although large parts of Laforet’s new aerial images are blurred, other sections, like the distant skyscrapers in this nighttime aerial of Los Angeles, are sharp, crisp and detailed. To achieve such detail, Laforet told us that images like this one were captured using a medium-format camera system. Vincent Laforet first fell in love with shooting aerials... Read more

Nino Rakichevich’s Quest For Available Light

Why this fashion photographer generally avoids lighting gear when attending important events like Paris Fashion Week
This image was included in the “Enchanted Garden” editorial spread for the “Revolutionary Chic” editorial story in Al Sharkiah magazine. The model is Xenia Ryzhkavets, the fashion Designer, Julien Fournie, and the Fashion Editor and Stylist, Suna Moya. Growing up in Yugoslavia, Nino Rakichevich dreamed of becoming a fashion photographer. He... Read more