5 Masters Of Adventure Travel Photography

outdoor adventure sports photography

Greg Bretz at the X Games in Aspen. Photo by Brett Wilhelm

Each of these globe-trotting photographers has a unique approach to capturing outdoor adventure and travel photography, from intimate portraits to sports-action to vast landscapes.

1. Lucas Gilman: Eye For Action, Head For Business

outdoor adventure sports photography

Though he’s still young, Lucas Gilman is no emerging photographer. Nearly 20 years into a career that began while he was still in college, Gilman serves as an ideal example for young photographers. He’s made smart, difficult decisions that have benefitted his art and his business. But it all started with a little bit of luck. Read More…

2. Ira Block: On Assignment Everywhere

outdoor adventure sports photography

As a globetrotting photographer for more than three decades, Ira Block has gone on assignment from Istanbul to Mongolia, from Cuba to Japan. A longtime National Geographic shooter, he has a distinct advantage over most photographers: He’s able to make return trips to a destination in order to gain a deeper knowledge and fuller portfolio. Read More…

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3. Michael Clark: Master Of Adventure

outdoor adventure sports photography

Michael Clark wanted to climb mountains and ride bikes and take pictures, so just a year out of college, he left the physics lab and followed his passion. Fifteen years later, here he is, one of the best adventure-sports photographers working today—a master of that passion. Read More…

4. Brett Wilhelm: Forging His Own Path

outdoor adventure sports photography

Mentorships and apprenticeships can be powerful tools in forwarding a career. As Colorado-based Brett Wilhelm proves with his camera, when you’re under the tutelage of not only a master photographer and editor, but also an extremely successful businessman and educator, the results can be stunning. Wilhelm joined Rich Clarkson and Associates (rebranded as Clarkson Creative) fresh out of college and has emerged as one of today’s top action-adventure sports photographers. Read More…

5. George Steinmetz: The Man In His Flying Machine

outdoor adventure sports photography

Beverly Hills-born, N.J.-based photographer George Steinmetz admits that even he can get a bit unhinged by the dizzying heights he attains in the man-in-the-flying-machine contraption—a motorized paraglider—he uses to photograph places inaccessible by traditional aircraft. Read More…

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