5 Masters Of Documentary Photography

documentary photography

The most acclaimed photojournalists capture the importance or essence of a moment while maintaining the humanity of their subjects. Here are Digital Photo Pro’s interviews with five of the best.

1. Ron Haviv

documentary photography

Ron Haviv is among the esteemed original seven founding members of photo agency VII, whose mission is to supply the world with powerful images and dynamic photo essays. One of the foremost photojournalists of our era, Haviv’s coverage has focused on conflict and humanitarian crises ranging from the fighting in the Balkans and Afghanistan to earthquake recovery in Haiti and malnutrition in Bangladesh and Darfur. Read More…

2. Barbara Davidson

documentary photography

In her in-depth coverage of crisis situations both international and domestic, two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Barbara Davidson’s mission is to depict truth in her images, and in the process, maintain the dignity of her subjects. Read More…

documentary photography

An Interview With Jim Richardson: Master Of The Meaningful Story

For more than three decades, Jim Richardson has built a photographic legacy that he hopes will continue drawing attention to important issues for generations to come. Read Now…

3. David Burnett

documentary photography

David Burnett has jostled for space with his fellow journalists for more than five decades, covering many of the world’s most important events. He has covered presidential campaigns, the Olympics, wars and revolutions. Yet even when working from the same photographer press area as other shooters, the New York-based photojournalist is able to record his singular take on the scene before his lens. Read More…

4. Deanne Fitzmaurice

documentary photography

News photography traditionally has been a “boy’s club,” but that hasn’t kept Deanne Fitzmaurice from a tremendous career, or from winning a Pulitzer. Read More…

5. David Alan Harvey

documentary photography

David Alan Harvey is one of the leading Magnum photojournalists. While his photographs ring true, Harvey’s personal life is one of legend. Some believe that he was the inspiration for the fictional character Robert Kincaid, a National Geographic photographer in The Bridges of Madison CountyRead More…

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