7 Portrait Photographers Share Their Techniques

portrait photography

Whether shooting on location or in the studio, successful portrait photographers have the ability to capture a moment that reveals something about their subject in an image and engages the viewer. Here, they share their techniques for getting the shot.

1. Hernan Rodriguez: Meet The People Where They Are

portrait photography

Interpersonal skills and an artful touch with light make Hernan Rodriguez an exceptional portrait photographer. Read More…

2. An Interview With Elsa Dorfman

portrait photography

After decades of creating remarkable large-format Polaroid portraits, this legendary photographer has hung up her dark slide for good and looks back on her career. Read More…

3. Miller Mobley: People With Character

portrait photography

Starting from homemade skateboarding and wakeboarding videos in his native Alabama, Miller Mobley, now living in New York, is making an impact with his stunning celebrity and portrait work. Read More…

portrait photography

Sony FE 100mm F2.8 STF GM OSS & FE 85mm F1.8

These Sony lenses are compelling to professional photographers, especially those shooting portraits, weddings and events, thanks to their sharpness and excellent background blur. Check out our hands-on review, including video shooting the lens in action. Read Now…

4. Art Streiber: Tell Me What You Want Me To Do

portrait photography

In his photography of Hollywood’s A-list, Art Streiber coaxes the artists into performing for his camera. Read More…

5. Emily Shur: Illuminating Fame

portrait photography

Emily Shur creates celebrity portraits that are as fun as they are beautiful. Read More…

6. An Interview With Platon: Portraits Of Power

portrait photography

Artistic, charming and apolitical, Platon has captured intense and revealing photographs of world leaders. The photographer refrains from passing judgment on these subjects—he invites the viewer to do it. Read More…

7. Jane Queen: Dangerously Dolly

portrait photography

Bold, striking and sexy, photographer Jane Queen’s alternative portraiture is a stylistic blend of gorgeous women, vivid tattoos and a modern approach to classic pinup. Read More…

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