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7th Annual Emerging Pro Finalists

DPP: You were given a very short window to create this video. How did you manage your time? What was your workflow like?

Ragazzo: The timing of the film was very stressful. I had just started my first week of sophomore year at MICA as I started the project. I first spent time with the camera and tried to scout out which locations would work best withi
n my parameters. While I spend my time at school in Baltimore, I don’t have access to a car or some of the other lighting equipment I have at my home in California, so I had to work with my limitations. I then shot for two days, followed by a week and a half of postproduction.

DPP: Did you create this project specifically for this contest, or was this a piece you already had in mind and you took this opportunity to create it?

Ragazzo: I created this piece specifically for the project.

DPP: What’s the significance of the title, Seep?

Ragazzo: The word "seep" felt right with the mysterious feel of the piece. Literally, seep relates to the liquid seeping into my skin. Figuratively, seep refers to the outer influences of others that often "seep" into inner conscious, how we, as people, are often shaped on how we’re brought up and whom we’re surrounded by. Our environments are very influential to our beings, and our surroundings constantly seep into ourselves.

DPP: How does the audio piece influence the story of the video?


Ragazzo: The audio was important in setting the mood for the piece.

The sound gives the character a slight eeriness and mystery that I wanted to portray to the audience. Since the piece is primarily constructed of visuals and audio, these two elements play very closely together in heightening the elements that are at work. It’s especially important when the liquid is pouring over me, for the sound and the visuals are very closely connected and are supposed to almost make you shiver, and really feel the flow of liquid over my face and ears. I’m very thankful to have my good friend Jesse Nyiri contribute music to the piece. He also wrote the music for my previous film, James.

DPP: How did the environment contribute to your piece?

Ragazzo: I chose to shoot in nature for several reasons. Visually, I thought my white appearance stood out well in contrast to the green background. Also, the natural background exaggerates my earlier point that I wanted a piece that was set in any given time or place. By excluding buildings and other elements of our constructed society, the work could stand out on its own as a timeless piece without any context clues of the outside world.


DPP: Looking to the future, what’s next for you?

Ragazzo: As of right now, I’m focusing on photography and sculpture as a student at MICA. However, film will always interest me and be a passion of mine. My dream job is to work for Nick Park on one of his animations. I love making sets and models, and it would be amazing to work behind the scenes on one of his productions.

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