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7th Annual Emerging Pro Finalists

FILMMAKER: Andy Gehrig

DPP: What’s the story behind Flinch?

Andy Gehrig: Creating a project combining materials in motion and human beings was the goal of my work. I love experimenting with different materials, and I like to capture that unique moment when they’re in motion or when they collide with something. I also focused on showing the various different possibilities a RED EPIC offers.
DPP: You were given a very short window to create this video. How did you manage your time? What was your workflow like?

Gehrig: Coming up with an idea was the hardest part. It took me awhile until a decent concept was created. Shooting was interesting, challenging, but fun. It was a new experience for me. The hardest and most time-consuming part was the editing. It took me days to get the final piece together.

DPP: Did you create this project specifically for this contest, or was this a piece you already had in mind and you took this opportunity to create it?

Gehrig: I created the project just for the contest. Since I’m a photographer, creating a motion project was something new for me, but I did enjoy it a lot. I’ll definitely work on a follow-up version of Flinch, using even more different materials.

DPP: Why did you choose the word and the physical response of Flinch?


Gehrig: My department chair actually came up with the name. I think the name fits perfectly to what I’ve created. When throwing the materials at the models, they "flinch," making a quick, nervous movement, so there was no better name for the project.

DPP: How did you choose the materials used to cause the flinch response?

Gehrig: I’m always experimenting with different materials for my pictures, so it was easy to decide what materials I’d be using for the project. The important point was that the materials are colorful so that I could create a nice contrast.


DPP: Was there a theme to the color palette, music, etc.? How did that relate to the title?

Gehrig: When I started the project, I just had in mind that I wanted a white background and models wearing white make-up. Because of the colorful materials, I could create a nice contrast between the models and the materials. The music had been chosen after the shooting, but I knew that I wanted to use modern dance music before I even started working on the project. Music is very important, and it can make a project be successful or a total failure.

DPP: Looking to the future, what’s next for you?

Gehrig: My next project is to finish school and get my BA. I hope that in between I’ll find a job where I can do what I love the most—taking pictures and work as a photographer. I’d like to work as a commercial photographer, but wouldn’t mind getting a job with National Geographic, either.


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