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Abe Kislevitz: Master Of Air, Sea & Land

Everything you want to know about Abe Kislevitz can be summed up by his childhood dream career: roller-coaster designer. “I had every roller-coaster software available at the time—that was available on a floppy disk—and designed roller coasters and looked at G-forces,” laughs Kislevitz. While he hasn’t lived out his dream of designing physical roller coasters (yet), Kislevitz is currently combining his technical acuity and creative instincts by creating dramatic thrill rides through his GoPro video work centered around skiing and other action sports.

Kislevitz was introduced to the sport of skiing as a teenager. “I have an older brother and I kind of followed him around everywhere at the time. He started skiing, and I naturally went up with all of his friends on the weekends. My senior year I skied 120 days. I was doing my homework in the car,” says Kislevitz.

When he left his home of Portland, Oregon, for college at the University of Southern California, Kislevitz maintained his love of skiing and quickly joined the University Ski Team. Motivated by the desire to share his team’s enthusiasm with others, he built the team website.

“I did all our photos, and I kind of took it on as my own little company. I tried to establish it online and get as many people fired up as I could. One of our members of the ski team went down to the Action Sports Retailer trade show around San Diego and came across GoPro. They ended up sending us two of their cameras. It was kind of like a light switch for us. We were always in the park doing big jumps, and then had a camera that could be hands-free and all of us could do the jumps together, but still get the shots,” explains Kislevitz.

Abe Kislevitz’s favorite part of working with the action cam is the ability (and often necessity) to take part in the sports themselves. “I never really knew about the sport downhill mountain biking, and once I saw what it was, I started trying it just because I was around it. It was fun to shoot, but it’s more fun to actually partake in the mountain biking,” says Kislevitz. But he really prefers to be on skis. “I can really participate in the activity of skiing while filming. And that’s what it takes to get those shots. That’s why I love doing it.”

GoPro stayed in contact with him, inviting Kislevitz to work on their product launch videos and offering him a job on the creative team upon graduation. While Kislevitz had graduated with an engineering degree thinking he might go into product design, he realized working with GoPro would be an opportunity to continue with the video work he’s passionate about while also utilizing his engineering mind.


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