Eye For Action, Head For Business

How Lucas Gilman made the tough choices that led from a job in photojournalism to a career as an outdoor adventure photographer shooting everything he loves
Lucas Gilman
AERIAL SHOT OF LARGEST PADDLED-INTO WAVE AT “JAWS” IN HAWAII. I’ve been going all over—Hawaii, Tahiti… I shot the largest wave ever ridden, ever paddled into. I was in Hawaii for a job for Red Bull shooting kayaking, and it looked like the swell of the century was on the horizon, and I called ESPN and said, “Hey, guys, if you’re ever... Read more

First Takes: Emerging Pro

Digital Photo Pro tracked down our 2014 Emerging Pro contest entrants to see how they’re doing, and if they have finally emerged
Braxton Wilhelmsen, Digital Photo Pro Emerging Pro
This is a photo that makes you smile. Or at least it makes me smile. I shot it as personal work, but it has been licensed for use in 500 stores on the East Coast for an in-store ad and was recently on the cover of Popular Photography. Getting that cover was a first for me. Braxton Wilhelmsen In 2014, Braxton Wilhelmsen was the winner of our annual “Emerging... Read more

Tim Tadder, Ever Inspired, Ever Onward

Legendary advertising photographer on innovating with new styles and new techniques, and delivering images unlike anything he’s done before.
Tim Tadder's Brita Steph Curry Ad
Brita’s “Make Every Drop Amazing” campaign wanted to highlight the importance of clean, fresh water. Tadder’s CGI work showed how water is, literally, part of an athelete’s performance. If you’re not moving forward, you’re falling behind. That’s the idea behind master image-maker Tim Tadder’s forward-looking... Read more

Glen Wexler’s Visual Playground

Hollywood-based photographer Glen Wexler has the ability to make fantasy believable by combining classic techniques with state-of-the-art technology.
Glen Wexler
His career is one of utilizing the latest tools while staying true to classic visual traditions. During and soon after his studies at Pasadena’s ArtCenter College of Design, Wexler’s first major successes were in the music world creating album art. He collaborated with legendary bands including Van Halen, Yes, Black Sabbath and ZZ Top, a daunting... Read more

Day In The Life Of Tour Photographer David Bergman

Private jets, all-access passes, and 18-hour days are all part of covering a rock road tour
I’ve had the honor of traveling the world to cover music and sports events for over 25 years, and my most enjoyable gig is when I’m embedded on a tour with a band. I want bands to see the value in working with a professional photographer, so I founded the company TourPhotographer.com. We sell prints, produce books, and are involved with other projects... Read more

Days In The Life Of A Travel Photographer

Long days, hard work and the best office view anywhere ­— it’s what a travel photographer can expect
Days In The Life Of A Travel Photographer
In planning my trip to Myanmar, I knew that I was going to be photographing in many Buddhist temples, and that wearing shoes is a no-no, so I traveled with slip-on shoes. © Photo by Rick Sammon As a photographer who has traveled to almost 100 countries, I relate to these two quotes. Over the past 40 years I have had wonderful trips that have yielded... Read more

Charleton Churchill

Practicing the art of extreme wedding photography put this photographer at the scene of Nepal’s most deadly earthquake
Charleton Churchill
YOSEMITE: A favorite place for weddings, this outdoors couple hired me to get the epic adventure wedding photos and Churchill spent the day wandering though the park with them. © Charleton Churchill Destination wedding photographers can run into all sorts of issues from inclement weather to gear malfunctions. But pros prepare, which, when combined... Read more

The New Way

An ad agency creative director and a passionate photographer, Jason Peterson sees the future of advertising photography a bit differently
© Jason Peterson
Listen up, old guys. Jason Peterson has a message for you. The photography world has changed. The days of big budgets for big productions are gone. The future is all about social influence, nimble shoots and doing more work for less money. The good news is that this brave new world is a meritocracy. The talented will thrive. The cream will rise to the... Read more

An Interview with David Burnett: Photographer At Large

From presidents to athletes, icon to everyman, wars to revolutions, photojournalist David Burnett challenges himself to see in different ways and, in turn, captures the character of a subject and the truth of a moment

David Burnett has jostled for space with his fellow journalists for more than five decades, covering many of the world’s most important events. He has covered presidential campaigns, the Olympics, wars and revolutions. Yet even when working from the same photographer press area as other shooters, the New York-based photojournalist is able to record... Read more

An Interview With Jerry Uelsmann

The master of the surrealistic photomontage on the darkroom techniques behind his work, which continues to influence digital creatives today

The Digital Photo Pro profile of Jerry Uelsmann from 2012 is one of the most popular articles we’ve ever run. When we spoke to Uelsmann in 2012, he shed light on his approach to photo manipulation. A lot has changed since we last talked to Uelsmann years ago—he won a Lucie award for lifetime achievement and released a retrospective book of his photography.... Read more