An Interview With Elsa Dorfman

After decades of creating remarkable large-format polaroid portraits, this legendary photographer has hung up her dark slide for good and looks back on her career

It would be appropriate to call Elsa Dorfman a poet with a camera, not only because her portraits produced with a Polaroid 20×24 camera are lyrical but because this form of literary expression has been integral to her career. Dorfman moved from the Boston suburbs to New York in 1959 with dreams of being a writer. Economic realities came first... Read more

Barbara Davidson: Truth-Telling

In her in-depth coverage of crisis situations both international and domestic, two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Barbara Davidson’s mission is to depict truth in her images, and in the process, maintain the dignity of her subjects

It makes sense that Barbara Davidson is a child of immigrants. The photographer gives off the air of someone who has fought hard to find her place in foreign landscapes. She has seen things: wars, shootings, natural disasters, famine. She’s so sensitive about accuracy and truth that she called a week after our interview to confirm her quotes so they... Read more

Sara France: Reflecting Relationships

For wedding photographer Sara France, her passion for the art—and business—of photography translates to images that capture the unique essence of each couple’s big day
Photography and the business of photography are the perfect combination of Sara France’s skill sets. With 14 years in the notoriously cutthroat wedding industry, France’s style is described as “passionate and alive,” and she’s also known as a savvy entrepreneur. France is a true people person and a real go-getter, essential traits for a successful... Read more

Caleb Charland: Inquisitive & Blasphemous

Caleb Charland’s physical manifestation of scientific curiosity is made of light and time

Caleb Charland’s photographs—which are in no way the product of digital wizardry and entirely the product of a highly creative brain—are the consequence of a formative period in his life during which he was left unattended in a darkroom for extended periods of time. As a student whose talent was obvious, he was given free rein in his high... Read more

She Who Tells A Story

From the personal to the political, this compelling exhibition illuminates the lives of women in Iran and the Arab world through the eyes of contemporary women photographers with roots in those very same cultures

BOUSHRA ALMUTAWAKEL BORN IN YEMEN IN 1969 LIVES IN SANA’A, YEMEN AND PARIS “I wanted to explore the many faces and facets of the veil based on my own personal experiences and observations: the convenience, freedom, strength, the power, liberation, limitations, danger, humor, irony, the variety, cultural, social, and religious aspects, the beauty,... Read more

Nahoko Spiess: C’est Romantique

Fashion photographer Nahoko Spiess finds the expression of her soft, feminine style at home in the capital of couture

In 1998, then-Tokyo-based ELLE Japan magazine designer Nahoko Spiess had a dream: to move to Paris and become a fashion photographer. Easier said than done, of course, but a creative eye, combined with a clear understanding of the fashion market, gave Spiess the confidence that she could get behind the camera to create fashion spreads rather than designing... Read more

Matjaž Tančič: North Korea In 3D

Blending fine art and photojournalism, Slovenian photographer Matjaž Tancic presents a captivating three-dimensional view of the country
Beijing-based Matjaž Tančič’s work knows no borders. The Slovenian photographer not only has ventured inside the cloistered, secretive North Korea, but gives us a glimpse inside the military state in 3D. It’s a particularly fascinating way to look at a country that’s viewed one dimensionally by the outside world. Tančič’s body of work also... Read more

Tamara Lackey: Changing The World One Frame At A Time

Tamara Lackey has built her career by giving back to the photographic community, and now she’s using photography to make a difference globally
Growing up, a career in photography wasn’t ever on Tamara Lackey’s radar, and as an adult, she never even thought about becoming a photographer. With a background in management consulting and executive recruiting, it wasn’t until she was on maternity leave in 2001 that she had the desire to improve her photography skills. As she began taking pictures... Read more

Adam Woodworth: Resolving The Universe

Adam Woodworth, a master of the art of landscape astrophotography, on photographing the unseen night sky, in his own words
From oil paint to color film, it’s inevitable in every art form that technological advancement leads to new modes of creative expression. In the case of nature photography, the advent of cameras capable of producing ultra-low-noise images at extremely high ISOs made possible a view of the heavens that photographers literally had never seen before—one... Read more

Barbara Davidson: Forgotten Shots

Los Angeles Times photojournalist Barbara Davidson chronicles the overlooked journey of those affected by street violence, many of them innocent victims. The work culminated in her winning a Pulitzer Prize earlier this year.
The world that Barbara Davidson has come to know is one that most people don’t read, see or hear much about these days. But for the mothers, fathers, spouses, siblings and friends who have lost loved ones to gang violence and whom Davidson has spent the last few years photographing, it’s a world that’s all too real. While gang violence... Read more