Neil Leifer: Master Of The Iconic Sports Image

Neil Leifer cut his teeth in an era before autofocus and motordrives—and defined modern sports photography

More than 100 million people will be glued to television screens around the globe at the moment a kicker’s foot launches a football into the air to start Super Bowl 50. Football has come a long way since its humble beginnings, when grown men were kicking and tossing around an actual inflated pig’s bladder. There to document almost every hard-fought... Read more

Parish Kohanim: Master Of Fine-Art Photography

Veteran photographer Parish Kohanim has managed to combine commercial work and fine art into an incredibly distinct—and distinctly beautiful—photographic style
Anyone who has residual doubt to the question of whether photography is art should step into the Atlanta gallery of Parish Kohanim. The resounding answer, “Yes,” is obvious as you look at the images hung all around the fine-art space. While continuing his commercial work for a cross-section of Fortune 500 companies, the Canon Explorer of Light focuses... Read more

Jim Richardson: Master Of Meaningful Stories

Since 1984, Jim Richardson has been photographing for National Geographic, traveling the world and telling stories with his camera, largely based on the issues most important to him
Since 1984, Jim Richardson has been photographing for National Geographic, traveling the world and telling stories with his camera, largely based on the issues most important to him. He has studied the Celtic realm, light pollution, life in small-town America and many more subjects to which he believes he can bring attention in a meaningful way. The... Read more

Brett Wilhelm: Forging His Own Path

Thanks to his intimate knowledge of the sports he covers, Brett Wilhelm is able to anticipate key moments in any event and be in the right place at the right time to nail the shot
Mentorships and apprenticeships can be powerful tools in forwarding a career. As Colorado-based Brett Wilhelm proves with his camera, when you’re under the tutelage of not only a master photographer and editor, but also an extremely successful businessman and educator, the results can be stunning. Wilhelm joined Rich Clarkson and Associates (rebranded... Read more

Jordan Matter: Dancing Among Us

Photographer Jordan Matter found inspiration in his young son’s play, and launched a new career
When photographer Jordan Matter watched his three-year-old son Hudson playing with his toys, he didn’t realize his life was about to change. Matter was watching him play with a toy bus, and that’s when he had a creative epiphany. “[Hudson] had this level of enthusiasm for his fantasy life that I realized, as we got older, we lose,”... Read more

Matt Armendariz: Taste Maker

Food photographer Matt Armendariz uses storytelling to guide his creative process and fill his portfolio with more than just pretty pictures
Although he has built a portfolio filled with beautiful travel, architecture and lifestyle images, Matt Armendariz’s first love is food. It’s the thing that drew him to photography in the first place. A professional photographer for just five years, Armendariz has 25 years in the food business. He used to work in marketing for large natural... Read more

Mark Edward Harris: Woodstock, Canadian Style

Still+motion meet to capture the rock ‘n’ roll essence of a live music event

Shooting concerts is reminiscent of wildlife and sports photography. Long lenses, monopods, getting yourself into position for the decisive moment, and anticipating your subject’s movements are all part of the game. To cover the city of Québec’s Summer Festival or, as it’s known in French, Le Festival d’été de Québec, I fill... Read more

Mark Galer: Teacher, Educate Thyself

A lifelong photography educator learns new tricks, thanks to the still+motion capabilities of mirrorless

In the 1980s, Mark Galer probably couldn’t imagine the photography world looking like it does today. A college student at Wolverhampton in the Midlands in the UK, Galer was immersed in the world of analog photography. He had originally planned on being an illustrator and a graphic designer, but found photography to be a better fit with his self-described... Read more

Doug Menuez: The Fearless Genius Project

Acclaimed photographer Doug Menuez documents the boom times of Silicon Valley in the 1980s, and the resulting project says a lot about the time, and our craft today

In the mid-1980s, photographer Doug Menuez was looking for something hopeful at which to point his lens. Then in his mid-20s, Menuez was a burgeoning photojournalist covering some of the darkest subjects of the times. He had been documenting the emerging AIDS crisis, homelessness, the war on drugs and countless global crises for magazines including... Read more

Jasmine Star: Fields Of Jasmine

With boundless enthusiasm and energy and an uncanny ability to connect with the bride, groom and guests, Jasmine Star is casting her own light in the firmament of the new generation of wedding pros

If Jasmine Star hadn’t become a wedding photographer, if she had stayed in law school and passed the bar, she’d probably be keeping her chin up and muddling through a career she didn’t particularly love, maintaining a positive mental attitude and sharing inspirational memes with friends on Facebook. But, lucky for her, and for the... Read more