Colin Finlay: Master Of The Mix

Finding a new photographic direction to explore, Colin Finlay creates a series of multilayered portraits that bring a more hands-on approach to his photography

While sitting on a plane headed back to his hometown of Los Angeles from San Francisco, Colin Finlay noticed someone. In the seat beside him was a 10-year-old girl, with multicolored hair and fingernails, dodging and burning images of her Chihuahua with an iPhone. The "aha" moment can reveal itself in many ways. For Finlay, it came in the... Read more

Stephen Frink: Master Of The Over/Under

Acclaimed marine photographer Stephen Frink uses the camera to go back to his days as a competitive swimmer

Every four years competitive swimming has a very big moment. For two weeks there’s global interest in the mechanics of the breast, back and butterfly strokes, the art of the dolphin kick and converting meters into lengths of a swimming pool. Rewind through the years, months and days of training leading up to that point, and it isn’t difficult... Read more

Joel Meyerowitz: Master Of Many Colors

Joel Meyerowitz has been one of the leading fine-art photographers of the last 50 years. His career includes some of the most poignant photos from Ground Zero in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.

Joel Meyerowitz is the recipient of the Lucie Foundation’s 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award. This latest accolade doesn’t signal retirement—far from it. When the news reached him, Meyerowitz was exploring Tuscany with a 4×5 and a state-of-the-art Leica S2. Meyerowitz was born in New York in 1938 as America was emerging from the darkest... Read more

Melissa Rodwell: Master Of Rock ’N’ Roll Couture

Melissa Rodwell’s fashion sense is dark and mysterious

Setting out to become a fashion photographer is a lot like deciding to be a rock star: There’s no proven formula for success. It helps if you relocate to New York, know the right people and cultivate a unique aesthetic. Still, there’s no such thing as a sure thing. Melissa Rodwell has spent her 25-year career bucking the established route... Read more

DeLong: Master Of Perfection

Mark DeLong sees in still and in motion, and he is as meticulous as he is creative through all aspects of both

Celebrity, fashion and commercial advertising photographer Mark DeLong speaks softly and carries a big camera, or rather two cameras, one for stills and one for the moving image. Whichever tool he picks up, the results are the same, meticulously crafted, striking images. DeLong is at the cutting edge of the transmedia world, providing multiple visual... Read more

Indira Cesarine: Master Of The Untitled

Indira Cesarine has an instinct for creating striking fashion images that are always original

In Bravo TV’s reality show Make Me A Supermodel, the photographer behind the lens for one of the episodes, Indira Cesarine, is so striking that you wonder why she isn’t in front of the camera instead. Yet the photo world would be deprived of one of the most talented fashion and beauty photographers working today. She’s also the editor... Read more

David Alan Harvey: Master Of The True Story

David Alan Harvey is one of the leading Magnum photojournalists. His BURN Magazine brings the vision of the next generation to the attention of the world.

While David Alan Harvey’s photographs ring true, his personal life is one of legend. Some believe that he was the inspiration for the fictional character Robert Kincaid, a National Geographic photographer in The Bridges of Madison County. Whether he’s the role model, Harvey’s latest photo book (based on a true story), set in Rio de... Read more

Nikola Borissov: Master Of The Wanderlust

Fashion and beauty from world traveler Nikola Borissov

Nikola Borissov, who hails originally from Bulgaria, is only 32 years old, "that period in life when you start realizing who you really are and what you want," he explains. The photographer prefers to think of himself as a "child of the world," however, and with representation from New York to Paris to Milan to Eastern Europe and... Read more

Steve Giralt: Obsessed With Light

Steve Giralt’s specialty is photography

"I’m well built for being a commercial photographer." —Steve Giralt, from his blog Being a generalist can be tough. Photographers are constantly being told to refine our specialties into tighter and tighter niches, becoming not just food photographers, but the specialists who shoot only potato chips, for instance. How can someone... Read more

Stillmotion: A Fairy-Tale Ending

The Stillmotion group’s storytelling approach to wedding videos and photography brought them massive commercial attention

Whether shooting a wedding video or a high-profile, yearlong campaign, the Stillmotion collective’s concentration has always been on what matters the most: telling the story. Owned by three of its members, Amina Moreau and her husband, Patrick, and then later their partner, Justin DeMers, the group started merely as two budding documentarists... Read more