Amber’s Story: Documenting A Battle With Breast Cancer

This husband-and-wife wedding photography team chose to document their lives after Amber was diagnosed with breast cancer
Documenting A Battle With Breast Cancer
Sony Artisans of Imagery Garrette and Amber Baird have used their cameras to tell the stories of other couples’ “big day.” The Indiana-based filmmakers have recorded more than 600 weddings over the last 15 years through their company, Eyenamics. However, another momentous life event confronted the Bairds in March 2019. Amber was diagnosed with... Read more

James x Schulze: In Truth, Beauty

Wedding masters James x Schulze take a low-key approach to elevating wedding photography to its highest form
“I started as a documentary photographer,” Schulze says, “and I looked at wedding photography as the lowest on the totem pole, like the worst thing in the world. But now it’s just this incredible space. We get to walk in, and there’s all of this real emotion and anticipation and expectation, and it’s all there. Like Cartier-Bresson... Read more

Weddings In Blume With Phillip And Eileen Blume

How a photographic power couple blends smart business with fine art to create images their customers will cherish for generations
Phillip and Eileen Blume
Professional photographers looking to grow their wedding businesses would do well to follow the lead of Phillip and Eileen Blume. This husband-and-wife team has met a variety of challenges throughout their 12 years running a wedding photography studio outside of Atlanta, and thus far they’ve conquered them all. They’ve grown quickly from a struggling... Read more

Russell Hart: As I Found It

A year-long photography project helped a photographer deal with losing his mother to dementia
Russell Hart: As I Found It
“Pleating” Pins, Size 16, Extra Fine When my mother’s dementia became so severe that she could no longer stay in the rambling New England Victorian where she had lived for 40 years, most of that time with my father, it fell to me to empty and sell the creaky old manse. Once my mother was out, I essentially moved in and spent the better part of... Read more

The Photographic Haikus Of Michael Kenna

A master photographer shares how he creates exquisite black-and-white landscapes
The Photographic Haikus Of Michael Kenna
Huangshan Mountains, Study 56, Anhui, China 2017. Some photographers circulate their work via magazines and newspapers (although more and more those entities exist solely online, as websites and social media channels). Others, who have chosen the world of commercial photography, distribute their images as ads, in marketing or branding campaigns, which... Read more

Capturing The Icons Of Activism

A new photography book showcases activists, both famous and lesser known, who took the crucial step to get involved
Capturing The Icons Of Activism
Photographer and author KK Ottesen’s most recent book, Activist: Portraits of Courage (Chronicle Books, published October 2019, 7 x 9 ¼ in, 300pp, hardcover $35), contains the words and portraits of 41 American activists. The photographs represent activists, ranging in age from 21 to 94, who have been engaged in a broad range of issues from a variety... Read more

Keith Carter: Fifty Years

In 2018, this renowned fine-art photographer celebrated half a century of work
“Conversation with a Coyote,” 2014 Last year, the University of Texas Press published Keith Carter: Fifty Years, which compiled five decades of the photographer’s search for the soul in the ordinary. The collection of 250 images takes readers on a visual journey through a dream world that Carter often captures in the quiet realities of daily life... Read more

Stephen Wilkes: Day To Night

A new monograph reveals how Stephen Wilkes waited for the right time for technology to catch up to his photographic vision
Stephen Wilkes: Day To Night
“Tunnel View, Yosemite National Park,” 2015  When you first see a photograph by Stephen Wilkes from his “Day To Night” series—many of which can be seen in the recently published, beautifully designed monograph Stephen Wilkes: Day To Night—you’ll most likely experience two disparate sensations.  First, you’ll recognize the setting.... Read more

Cig Harvey: State Of Being

Photographer Cig Harvey looks for magic and meaning in the everyday of a Down Maine life
“The Screen Door,” Warren, Maine, 2013. It’s no easy task to describe Cig Harvey’s photographs in a meaningful way. Words make their subjects seem ordinary and random: a child’s mouth with a loose baby tooth; a freshly picked collection of four-leaf clovers; a bowl of red cherries. Yet other details vivify these simple things. Bright red string... Read more

Duane Michals: Empty New York

What a master photographer sees in his previous work and his future work
Duane Michals: Empty New York
“Empty New York,” by Duane Michals, 1964. Travel to the Soviet Union during the darkest days of the Cold War as an American was unusual, but for Duane Michals, the unusual has proved to be the norm. Throughout his career, the highly regarded fine-art photographer has embraced the commercial world and scoffed at the idea that it’s “selling out.” In... Read more