Amish On Vacation

Taking a whimsical approach in documenting how a small and unique American cultural sub-group lets their hair down
The nightly women’s volleyball game is the community’s main spectacle. There’s a tendency in photojournalism, documentary and even editorial photography to seek out the sensational, particularly to document the strife that is part of human history. However, even in these turbulent times, most people spend their time performing commonplace tasks... Read more

Raising The Red Flag On Wildlife Abuse

How one wildlife cinematographer’s documentary might make a difference for Indonesian orangutans and other wildlife
Orphaned orangutans in a wheelbarrow on the path to the Forest School at the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Photo: Aaron Gekoski I first met Raise The Red Flag creator Aaron Gekoski, cinematographer Will Foster-Grundy and director Chris Scarffe in the Kalimantan jungle in Indonesia as they filmed a segment for a series... Read more

Zoran Orlic: Live From Chicago!

How this Chicago-based photographer combined his love for music and photography to forge a career documenting rock ‘n roll history
“Zoran has been a friend to the band and organization for many years,” says Wilco singer and guitarist Jeff Tweedy, depicted here by music photographer Zoran Orlic. “His beautiful work has been used on our record covers, in videos and for promotion.” Of photographing an iconic musician like Tweedy, Orlic is equally complimentary: “Capturing... Read more

Lauren Greenfield: Making Documentaries With Misleading Subjects

In her most recent documentary, “The Kingmaker,” photographer and director Lauren Greenfield faced the challenge of filming Imelda Marcos, an infamous and unreliable subject who tells false narratives
Lauren Greenfield: Making Documentaries With Misleading Subjects
Imelda Marcos, former first lady of the Philippines and wife of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos, seated in front of an original painting by Pablo Picasso and ones by other modern masters. These and other works of art are from the collection the dictator assembled years ago with money plundered from the Philippines government, estimated to be between... Read more

Capturing A Couple’s “First Look”

Learn how one photographer approaches this key moment of the wedding day
Capturing A Couple’s “First Look”
One of the hottest trends in wedding photography today is capturing a couple’s “first look,” a visual record of the private moment a couple first lay eyes on each other on their wedding day. Traditionally reserved for the ceremony, when the bride and groom initially lock eyes from down the aisle, that old-fashioned ritual has become something... Read more

Amber’s Story: Documenting A Battle With Breast Cancer

This husband-and-wife wedding photography team chose to document their lives after Amber was diagnosed with breast cancer
Documenting A Battle With Breast Cancer
Sony Artisans of Imagery Garrette and Amber Baird have used their cameras to tell the stories of other couples’ “big day.” The Indiana-based filmmakers have recorded more than 600 weddings over the last 15 years through their company, Eyenamics. However, another momentous life event confronted the Bairds in March 2019. Amber was diagnosed with... Read more

James x Schulze: In Truth, Beauty

Wedding masters James x Schulze take a low-key approach to elevating wedding photography to its highest form
“I started as a documentary photographer,” Schulze says, “and I looked at wedding photography as the lowest on the totem pole, like the worst thing in the world. But now it’s just this incredible space. We get to walk in, and there’s all of this real emotion and anticipation and expectation, and it’s all there. Like Cartier-Bresson... Read more

Weddings In Blume With Phillip And Eileen Blume

How a photographic power couple blends smart business with fine art to create images their customers will cherish for generations
Phillip and Eileen Blume
Professional photographers looking to grow their wedding businesses would do well to follow the lead of Phillip and Eileen Blume. This husband-and-wife team has met a variety of challenges throughout their 12 years running a wedding photography studio outside of Atlanta, and thus far they’ve conquered them all. They’ve grown quickly from a struggling... Read more

Russell Hart: As I Found It

A year-long photography project helped a photographer deal with losing his mother to dementia
Russell Hart: As I Found It
“Pleating” Pins, Size 16, Extra Fine When my mother’s dementia became so severe that she could no longer stay in the rambling New England Victorian where she had lived for 40 years, most of that time with my father, it fell to me to empty and sell the creaky old manse. Once my mother was out, I essentially moved in and spent the better part of... Read more

The Photographic Haikus Of Michael Kenna

A master photographer shares how he creates exquisite black-and-white landscapes
The Photographic Haikus Of Michael Kenna
Huangshan Mountains, Study 56, Anhui, China 2017. Some photographers circulate their work via magazines and newspapers (although more and more those entities exist solely online, as websites and social media channels). Others, who have chosen the world of commercial photography, distribute their images as ads, in marketing or branding campaigns, which... Read more