Indira Cesarine: Master Of The Untitled

Indira Cesarine has an instinct for creating striking fashion images that are always original

In Bravo TV’s reality show Make Me A Supermodel, the photographer behind the lens for one of the episodes, Indira Cesarine, is so striking that you wonder why she isn’t in front of the camera instead. Yet the photo world would be deprived of one of the most talented fashion and beauty photographers working today. She’s also the editor... Read more

David Alan Harvey: Master Of The True Story

David Alan Harvey is one of the leading Magnum photojournalists. His BURN Magazine brings the vision of the next generation to the attention of the world.

While David Alan Harvey’s photographs ring true, his personal life is one of legend. Some believe that he was the inspiration for the fictional character Robert Kincaid, a National Geographic photographer in The Bridges of Madison County. Whether he’s the role model, Harvey’s latest photo book (based on a true story), set in Rio de... Read more

Nikola Borissov: Master Of The Wanderlust

Fashion and beauty from world traveler Nikola Borissov

Nikola Borissov, who hails originally from Bulgaria, is only 32 years old, "that period in life when you start realizing who you really are and what you want," he explains. The photographer prefers to think of himself as a "child of the world," however, and with representation from New York to Paris to Milan to Eastern Europe and... Read more

Steve Giralt: Obsessed With Light

Steve Giralt’s specialty is photography

"I’m well built for being a commercial photographer." —Steve Giralt, from his blog Being a generalist can be tough. Photographers are constantly being told to refine our specialties into tighter and tighter niches, becoming not just food photographers, but the specialists who shoot only potato chips, for instance. How can someone... Read more

Stillmotion: A Fairy-Tale Ending

The Stillmotion group’s storytelling approach to wedding videos and photography brought them massive commercial attention

Whether shooting a wedding video or a high-profile, yearlong campaign, the Stillmotion collective’s concentration has always been on what matters the most: telling the story. Owned by three of its members, Amina Moreau and her husband, Patrick, and then later their partner, Justin DeMers, the group started merely as two budding documentarists... Read more

MARKUS + INDRANI: Back To The Iconic

With a new book available, MARKUS + INDRANI have had some time to reflect on their past while exploring exciting new directions for their future

At the end of October, Markus Klinko and Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri’s very first book of images will be published. Icons: The Celebrity Exposures of Markus and Indrani (Running Press) is a watershed moment for photography’s number-one power couple, illustrating in many ways how they have matured alongside digital photography over the last 17... Read more

Carlo Dalla Chiesa: The Beauty Within

Using cutting-edge RED cameras for his still + motion shooting style, Carlo Dalla Chiesa is a lawyer-turned-photographer, cinematographer, director and digital entrepreneur. He enhances his subjects instead of trying to impose a style upon them.

When you walk onto the lot at Smashbox Studios in West Hollywood, Calif., Carlo Dalla Chiesa is immediately recognizable. His tall frame is accented with a stylish flair, and a thick accent betrays his Italian background. Transplanting himself from Europe to the United States wasn’t even close to the biggest move he has made in a career that began... Read more

Vincent Laforet: Cross-Dissolve

Vincent Laforet’s visual life is in transition. The Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer has emerged as a standard-bearer for a new generation of still and motion digital storytellers.

Vincent Laforet has always been in pursuit of a good story. There were times when this passion took him to a flooded New Orleans where the stench of death and despair were almost overwhelming. Sometimes, he found himself surrounded by the near-deafening cheers of spectators at the Summer Olympics in Beijing, China. Then there were moments when the search... Read more

James T. Murray: Inside & Out

Whether he’s shooting on the studio tabletop or in the urban landscape, James T. Murray brings an artist’s eye and a craftsman’s touch to his photography

Why, after a long day of working for commercial clients, would a successful photographer want to keep shooting once he steps out the studio door? In the case of James T. Murray, the answer is plain to see in the pictures he makes when a day’s gainful employment is done. Murray is a tabletop virtuoso who creates visually stunning still lifes for... Read more

Dean Bradshaw: The Digital Ninja

Dean Bradshaw’s irreverent commercial photography stylistically blends a disarming sense of humor with a technical mastery of retouching and compositing

Southern California-based photographer Dean Bradshaw began his career as a field biologist in the Australian outback where he spent most of his time finding snakes and lizards. Following a natural career trajectory forward into commercial photography, the Perth transplant moved to the U.S. only a short time ago, and yet the photographer’s impeccable... Read more