Gerd Ludwig: Living With Chernobyl

Gerd Ludwig has studied this Russian nuclear meltdown for 25 years, photographing the place and the people whose lives it has affected

I’m scrolling through a powerful collection of photos on my iPad. The pictures depict a strange place, clearly abandoned in an instant. Some scenes are familiar, even archetypal: a tree growing inside a schoolroom, an orphanage populated only by gas masks and abandoned teddy bears, workers donning science-fiction-style hazmat gear. The pictures... Read more

Sanjay Kothari: Shanghai Transformations

Sanjay Kothari traded the frustration of NYC’s photography market for China’s cosmopolitan, vibrant commercial center. The move has given him a level of creative freedom that wasn’t possible in the U.S.

The scene is set against the spectacular backdrop of Guilin’s karst mountains along the Li River in China. A traditional bamboo raft floats above water in the foreground with a rowing fisherman on one edge and a cormorant bird on another. Perched on the raft as if in their most natural setting are a Kohler vanity and bathtub in which a model is... Read more

Howard Schatz: With Child

Howard Schatz’s 20-year study of the pregnant female form in black-and-white

Howard Schatz has children to thank for some of his best work. A physician, Schatz converted his dining room into a photo studio in 1987 when his second child, Jessica, went off to college. "From the time I was in medical school, I’ve had a camera," Schatz says, "and I have made pictures. So this gave me the opportunity to really... Read more

Douglas Dubler: Master Of Balletic Motion

Douglas Dubler’s work with dance and ballet began almost 40 years ago. His latest images capture the beauty of the art through meticulous timing, lighting and artistic vision.

Motion and stillness—two elements of the dance that must be carefully balanced and interwoven to create compelling choreography, and that must somehow be captured and expressed in compelling dance photography. While readers of this magazine know Douglas Dubler for his striking fashion and beauty work, he also has been experimenting with new ways to... Read more

An Interview with Platon, Master of The Portrait of Power

Artistic, charming and apolitical, Platon has captured intense and revealing photographs of world leaders. The photographer refrains from passing judgment on these subjects—he invites the viewer to do it.

In his latest book, Power: Portraits of World Leaders (Chronicle Books), New York-based British photographer Platon gets up close and personal with more than 100 famous and infamous past and present heads of state. The resulting portraits are respectful, insightful and presented without judgment. He leaves that to the viewer and to history. Rather than... Read more

Ellen von Unwerth: Master Of Not The Girl Next Door

Ellen von Unwerth blends art, fantasy and fashion in her striking imagery

Ellen von Unwerth knows her way around both sides of a camera. The German-born fashion and beauty photographer spent 10 years in front of a lens as a fashion model before moving behind it. The insight gained from this experience permeates the pictures she produces. Her most recent book, Ellen von Unwerth, Fräulein (Taschen), is a collection of female... Read more

An Interview with White House Photographer, Pete Souza

Pete Souza has been official photographer to two U.S. presidents. His access and an ability to catch intimate moments enable him to create images that illustrate history.

In 1846, James Polk became the first president to be photographed, but it wasn’t until the Kennedy administration that the first official White House photographer was appointed. Pete Souza has one of the most unique jobs in the world. He’s Chief Official White House Photographer and Director of the White House Photography Office for President... Read more

Diane Cook And Len Jenshel: Master Of Doubling Up

Diane Cook and Len Jenshel merge their photographic talents into a singular vision that serves both art and commerce

Photography has its share of artistic tag teams, from the Starn Twins to McDermott & McGough to Kahn & Selesnick. While these duos create distinctive images, it’s impossible to parse each individual’s contribution—to draw a dividing line through their work. Not so with Diane Cook and Len Jenshel. For 20 years, they’ve had... Read more

Michael Clark: Master Of Adventure

From his New Mexico base of operations, Michael Clark is a global photographer whose clients have him chasing swells, climbing mountains and braving the elements. In a down economy, Clark is having a banner year.

Michael Clark wanted to climb mountains and ride bikes and take pictures, so just a year out of college, he left the physics lab and followed his passion. Fifteen years later, here he is, one of the best adventure-sports photographers working today—a master of that passion. "Pretty much everything I do is driven by my passion," he says.... Read more

Douglas Kirkland: Master Of The Parka

Connect world-renowned photographer Douglas Kirkland with an iconic, 180-year clothing brand famous for both style and substance, mix in 18 arts, film and music legends, and you get a collection of images that reveals the diverse facets of each

Douglas Kirkland is a living legend. He has photographed some of the most iconic celebrities of the 20th century—among them, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe—and now he has published a book of portraits centered on an iconic piece of clothing: the parka. Woolrich, maker of the perennial American favorite in winter wear, commissioned... Read more