Michael Crichton: Kinetic Still Life

Graphic, minimalist and having a penchant for deconstruction, Michael Crichton transforms the mundane into something unexpected

Product photography isn’t what you’d call exciting. You aren’t working with gorgeous models, you aren’t traveling the world, and you aren’t partying with rock stars. What you are working with, however, are lifeless props and a set of clients who expect you to be able to turn plastic bottles into something truly wonderful.... Read more

Thomas Herbrich: Magic Man

Using models, stock imagery and digital manipulation, Thomas Herbrich’s work unfolds from his unlimited imagination
Digital has unleashed the potential of our imaginations, and few know this as well as photographer Thomas Herbrich. A master of manipulation, he relies heavily on image processing and real-world model-building to create images both comical and impressive in their technical expertise. Herbrich’s unique sense of humor and proficiency with a computer... Read more

Martin Wonnacott: Cake Factory

Photographer Martin Wonnacott set out to build a kinder, gentler agency—and he has succeeded
Martin Wonnacott is a successful commercial photographer in a tough economy. After facing opposition from the very people who were supposed to be making it their job to help him, Wonnacott decided to go it alone as both talent and representation by putting together his own agency, Cake-Factory. Designed to represent his work and the niche portfolios... Read more

Albert Watson : Calm On The Set

Albert Watson is one of the most respected photographers in fashion and fine art. His career has been marked by creating a seemingly endless supply of iconic images and a dedication to perfection in each of them.
The new book UFO is a retrospective of Albert Watson’s 40-plus-year career as a leading fashion photographer. Never one to be pigeonholed into one particular look or style, the book shows Watson’s incredible range, from edgy to sublime. His legendary attention to detail is evident in the collection of images. Above: Blumarine, Phoenix, Arizona,... Read more

Frank Ockenfels: The Great Collaborator

Frank Ockenfels blends light and teamwork to shape his photographs and his career
Frank Ockenfels: The Great Collaborator
Frank Ockenfels’ style of commercial portraiture is uniquely personal, and many would even say risqué, but he has an openness that allows him to be receptive during a campaign, sometimes even incorporating the myriad ideas and demands of a client while in the midst of a shoot. His rare talents and his enthusiasm for collaboration have resulted in... Read more