Mary Virginia Swanson Shares Her Passion For Fine-Art Photographs

Lessons from a master fine-art marketer
“Eugene Hensley of the Jesus Rock Ministry, Jamestown, TN.” 2014, from the Moon Shine series, by Rachel Boillot. In the world of fine-art photography, there’s no one more knowledgeable or passionate about the production, presentation and promotion of images than Mary Virginia Swanson. With early credentials that include working with Ansel Adams... Read more

The Fine Art of Conservation

An award-winning photojournalist collaborates with six other environmentally conscious fine artists around the globe to produce art installations that will help raise awareness for conservation
Ami Vitale shot this image in Colombia: It depicts a local initiative, which aims to plant coffee bushes and support development of sustainable farms by training local communities to use new farming techniques and by providing Internet access. The photo, along with the others in this story, were included in Lavazza’s 2019 calendar and focused... Read more

Tall Tales, Twins And Truths: The Tangled Self-Portraits of Jess Richmond

In this age of fake news, alternative facts and countless digital selfies, Jess Richmond takes an unusual approach to self-portraiture
Self-portraits, that seemingly narcissistic offshoot of the much broader genre of portraiture, have always been a bit problematic, if only because they’re almost indistinguishable from the larger group. In other words, you can’t tell from the image itself whether it’s a self-portrait or simply a portrait of another artist. Even when the artist... Read more

Analog Afterglow In The Digital Age

Maine-based photographer Tillman Crane combines the latest digital technology with older analog darkroom processes to make nuanced, luminescent platinum prints of his beautiful black-and-white images
Big Bend National Park: “I was invited to be a guest in [a workshop] with Justin Black and Jack Dykinga,” says Crane. “It was my first real outing for an extended period of time working with the Fujifilm GFX. In this image, I wanted to push the limits of contrast and see just what the camera would capture and how the file would look. I was stunned... Read more

Photographing With A Blind Mind

Whether working on a commissioned or personal photo project, Hiroshi Watanabe attempts to “blank out his consciousness” by having a “blind mind” when approaching the subjects he shoots
“Jun Masuda as Oyanagi, Matsuo Kabuki” from the series Kabuki Players. Read through the names Southern California-based photographer Hiroshi Watanabe gives his photographic series—Lotus Dreams, Dunes, Bull City Summer, Ideology in Paradise, I See Angels Every Day—and you’ll find that each one has an almost haiku-like, understated quality.... Read more

Taking The Time With The Next Generation

Why the 2018 W. Eugene Smith Fellowship winner focuses on youth, patriotism and the poetry of long-form photography projects
Artyom Baklashkin (17), a student at the local secondary school in the village of Diveevo, stands guard in an abandoned building with a group known as the "Survivalists," April 6, 2016, Russia. Survivalists train young adults to survive future wars and post-apocalyptic life and meet weekly for tactical drills. They use air-soft guns for the practice and competition. From “Toy Soldiers.”
Artyom Baklashkin (17), a student at the local secondary school in the village of Diveevo, stands guard in an abandoned building with a group known as the “Survivalists,” April 6, 2016, Russia. Survivalists train young adults to survive future wars and post-apocalyptic life and meet weekly for tactical drills. They use air-soft guns for... Read more

Being Sandro Miller

A photographer collaborates with renowned actor John Malkovich to create an homage as a thank you to past masters
Chicago-based Sandro Miller is a sculptor of sorts, using light as a chisel to bring out the essence of the sitters before his camera lens. His photography series Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich: Homage to Photographic Masters, exemplifies this mastery of advanced lighting techniques. To create the series, the Lucie Award-winning photographer set out... Read more

Beyond The City Of Lights

Paris-based photographer Nahoko Spiess weaves high fashion with local authenticity in unexpected locations
Fashion shoot in the Sahara Desert with model Hafssa Bahajji, winner of “The New Face of Morocco.” Few places on earth can compete with Paris as a backdrop for haute couture, prêt-à-porter and every type of fashion shoot in between. But in Nahoko Spiess’ world, beauty knows no borders. The Tokyo-born, Paris-based Spiess ventures out... Read more

Concept And Purpose

Benȷamin Von Wong on creating narrative photographs that matter
Spitting fire with henna created by artist Alliebee Henna. While photographers come from vastly different backgrounds and follow their own serpentine paths to find success in the visual medium, San Francisco-based conceptual photographer Benjamin Von Wong has definitely ventured down a road less traveled. The son of Malaysian Chinese immigrants to Canada,... Read more

Turning The Lens Around

A portrait series of master photographers illuminates classic techniques
Creating a dynamic portrait requires far more than technical prowess.  If we want to penetrate the façade of a person’s visage, we need to have our subjects reach a point where they can connect to us through the lens and, in turn, to the viewer of the resulting image. That said, certain traditional techniques in terms of posing, lighting and lens... Read more

A Life Exposed

The prolific Nobuyoshi Araki reflects on a life of creativity in the face of adversity
From the series “A’s Paradise”
From the series “A’s Paradise” Nobuyoshi Araki, known simply by his mononym Araki, is perhaps the most prolific photographer in the history of the medium. More than 500 books bear his name, including Tokyo Lucky Hole, about the infamous sex district of Kabukich. For those with an interest in the work of the controversial lensman who do not have... Read more

Under The Tuscan Sun And Shade

Joel Meyerowitz reflects on his legendary career
Joel Meyerowitz reflects on his legendary career
The Greek fabulist and storyteller Aesop is credited with the saying, “A man is known by the company he keeps.” In the case of Joel Meyerowitz, this ancient adage rings true. He “discovered” photography on a shoot with Robert Frank. Soon afterward, he was walking the streets of New York, camera in hand, with Garry Winogrand. But Meyerowitz soon... Read more