Maria Svarbova: Frozen In Time And Space

This Eastern European photographer combines a powerful design aesthetic with her sense of place to produce enticing fashion photographs
Maria Svarbova: Frozen In Time And Space
No Diving, Smykacka, 2016 Slovakian photographer Maria Svarbova knew from an early age that she was going to be an artist. The only question was which medium would she use as a means of self-expression? Within less than a decade of “discovering” photography as her chosen medium in 2010, she has garnered the prestigious Hasselblad Master award, had... Read more

Andrea Bruce: Using Photography To Discover Democracy

A renowned photojournalist is using multimedia in a new way to explore what democracy, community and citizenship mean today
Andrea Bruce: Using Photography To Discover Democracy
“What does democracy mean?” It’s one of those exasperating questions, like “what is art?” Both questions remind you that the dictionary definition is less a comprehensive explanation than a placeholder for centuries-old debates. Photographer Andrea Bruce was asked the first question in 2003 by a woman who was working as a prostitute in... Read more

Terry Virts: Capturing Images From An Unusual Perspective

The "travel" photographs Terry Virts creates were produced by having access to a unique vantage point on the International Space Station
Terry Virts On Capturing Images From An Unusual Perspective
Terry Virts is the most prolific photographer in the history of space travel. He’s shot more than 300,000 images during his two spaceflights, a two-week mission on board the Space Shuttle Endeavour in 2010 and 200-plus days on the International Space Station in 2014-2015, which included three spacewalks. He’s also shot terabytes of video, some for... Read more

Lynsey Addario: Documenting The Human Condition

Award-winning photojournalist Lynsey Addario’s most recent photography book, Of Love & War, depicts the many tragic facets of our current hostile global zeitgeist
Lynsey Addario: Documenting The Human Condition
If I had to choose the most important photograph shot in the 21st century, it may just be the opening image for this article, shot by the Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Lynsey Addario during one of her assignments in Iraq. In the caption, you learn the photograph depicts an Iraqi woman desperately looking to find her husband after a massive fire... Read more

How Jimmy Chin Filmed A Mountaineer Who Aspires To Extremes

Discover what it took for Jimmy Chin and his crew to document Alex Honnold’s ropeless ascent up El Capitan in the award-winning documentary movie "Free Solo"
How To Fill A Mountaineer Who Aspires To Extremes
Alex Honnold prepares to rappel off the summit of El Capitan in order to climb certain sections of Freerider. Colorado-based climber, mountaineer, skier and photographer Jimmy Chin can now add the title “Academy Award-winning film director” to his already-prestigious resume and ever-growing list of accomplishments. That’s because when Jimmy Chin,... Read more

Steve McCurry: A Master Photojournalist In Full

Steve McCurry’s most recent book reveals more about the photographer behind the great images
Steve McCurry’s most recent book reveals more about the photographer behind the great images
September 11, New York City, 2001 If you search the internet for lists of the most well-known photographers working today, American photographer and photojournalist Steve McCurry, who has been responsible for capturing some of the most captivating images of the past 50 years, is almost always among those distinguished names. However, for a more personal... Read more

Capturing Weddings By Connecting With Your Subjects

Sally and Dan Watson share tips on successfully shooting wedding photos and video that are vivid, emotional and tell a great story
Capturing Weddings By Connecting With Your Subjects
When you watch Orlando, Florida-based photographer Sally Watson photograph a model or bride, you may not notice anything all that unique at first. Sally might tell the subject she loves that pose or look, but that’s nothing uncommon. But if you get a little closer and listen carefully, you realize it’s not so much what she’s saying but the tone... Read more

Tracie Maglosky: Maximum Creativity

Tracie Maglosky’s passion for crafting beautiful and timeless wedding photos means she continually needs to find ways to up her game
Tracie Maglosky: Maximum Creativity
Thirteen years ago, Tracie Maglosky’s life changed when she photographed a wedding as a favor for a friend and found that she was immediately hooked on the rush. But it was more than just the excitement of the event: Yes, she thrives in stressful situations and enjoys the challenges unique to wedding photography. But she also loves making brides feel... Read more

Cliff Mautner: A Photojournalistic Approach To Wedding Photography

How this photographer uses photojournalism techniques to document nuptials
A Photojournalistic Approach to Wedding Photography
Mautner shot this photo during a Bedeken, an element before a Jewish ceremony where the groom veils the bride. “It’s literally the moment where the bride and groom set eyes upon one another on their wedding day,” says Mautner. “The bride’s name is Shira, the groom is Jake, and it was taken at the Crystal Tea Room in Philadelphia.” Philadelphia... Read more

Mary Virginia Swanson Shares Her Passion For Fine-Art Photographs

Lessons from a master fine-art marketer
“Eugene Hensley of the Jesus Rock Ministry, Jamestown, TN.” 2014, from the Moon Shine series, by Rachel Boillot. In the world of fine-art photography, there’s no one more knowledgeable or passionate about the production, presentation and promotion of images than Mary Virginia Swanson. With early credentials that include working with Ansel Adams... Read more