Concept And Purpose

Benȷamin Von Wong on creating narrative photographs that matter
Spitting fire with henna created by artist Alliebee Henna. While photographers come from vastly different backgrounds and follow their own serpentine paths to find success in the visual medium, San Francisco-based conceptual photographer Benjamin Von Wong has definitely ventured down a road less traveled. The son of Malaysian Chinese immigrants to Canada,... Read more

Turning The Lens Around

A portrait series of master photographers illuminates classic techniques
Creating a dynamic portrait requires far more than technical prowess.  If we want to penetrate the façade of a person’s visage, we need to have our subjects reach a point where they can connect to us through the lens and, in turn, to the viewer of the resulting image. That said, certain traditional techniques in terms of posing, lighting and lens... Read more

A Life Exposed

The prolific Nobuyoshi Araki reflects on a life of creativity in the face of adversity
From the series “A’s Paradise”
From the series “A’s Paradise” Nobuyoshi Araki, known simply by his mononym Araki, is perhaps the most prolific photographer in the history of the medium. More than 500 books bear his name, including Tokyo Lucky Hole, about the infamous sex district of Kabukich. For those with an interest in the work of the controversial lensman who do not have... Read more

Under The Tuscan Sun And Shade

Joel Meyerowitz reflects on his legendary career
Joel Meyerowitz reflects on his legendary career
The Greek fabulist and storyteller Aesop is credited with the saying, “A man is known by the company he keeps.” In the case of Joel Meyerowitz, this ancient adage rings true. He “discovered” photography on a shoot with Robert Frank. Soon afterward, he was walking the streets of New York, camera in hand, with Garry Winogrand. But Meyerowitz soon... Read more

Glamour Under Pressure: Jerry Ghionis

The Las Vegas- and Melbourne, Australia-based U.S. Nikon Ambassador Jerry Ghionis has been furnishing his clients with lifetime memories for the past 25 years
Glamour Under Pressure: Jerry Ghionis
Matrimony, wedlock, nuptials, union—no matter what you call it, the events that take place on a wedding day put extreme pressure on the photographers who are tasked with capturing its essence. There are no redos of the big day. The Las Vegas- and Melbourne, Australia-based U.S. Nikon Ambassador Jerry Ghionis has been furnishing his clients with lifetime... Read more

The Weight Of Life

Rafael Cardenas set out to become a better photographer. In the process, he captured the definitive picture of life in East Los Angeles.
The Weight Of Life
DO YOU SPEND MUCH TIME WITH THEM? SODA GIRL? The girl with the sodas, I said, “Hey, do you mind if I get a picture of you?” I had already ordered food, and she said, “Yeah, sure.” And she was actually going to give those sodas to somebody, and I said, “Oh, wait, hold it right there!” The people that were gonna get the sodas, they were patient:... Read more

The Art Of Movement

George Simian masters light and subject to convey motion in stillness
Illustrating advertising projects and hundreds of annual reports for major corporations and cutting-edge biotech, software and financial firms have shown off the technical prowess of award-winning photographer George Simian. But after almost three decades as a top commercial shooter in Boston, Simian decided it was time for a change. In 2004, he headed... Read more

Meet Nikon USA Ambassador Keith Ladzinski

Keith Ladzinski's work has taken him across the globe, on assignment for esteemed publications and brands
Prior to being announced as one of the new ambassadors for Nikon USA, photographer and filmmaker Keith Ladzinski has already carved a name for himself in the creative industry. His work has taken him across the globe, on assignment for esteemed publications and brands that include National Geographic Magazine, The New York Times, Red Bull, Adidas, Budweiser... Read more

Exploring The Pastel Surrealism Of Karen Khachaturov’s Conceptual Photography

Pastel colors reign supreme in Karen Khachaturov's surreal conceptual worlds
Pastel colors reign supreme in Karen Khachaturov‘s dreamy conceptual worlds, and it’s a delight to get lost in the surreal imagery. Her journey to conceptual photography may have started only four years ago, but the 26-year-old photographer from Yerevan, Armenia, seems to have established her own creative style and visual flavor. Her formula... Read more

Albert Watson

Pulling beauty out of KAOS
Over the past four and a half decades, New York-based Scotland native Albert Watson has created close to 100 Vogue covers, dozens of commercials and music videos, and advertising campaigns for companies including Prada, Revlon and Chanel. At the same time, he’s pursued personal projects from Las Vegas to Cairo. Among Watson’s long list of accolades... Read more