September/October Preview: Gavin Bond

Gavin Bond

Photo by Gavin Bond, Courtesy of Lexus

Coming up in the September/October issue, Digital Photo Pro interviews celebrity and fashion photographer Gavin Bond.

New York-based British celebrity/fashion photographer Gavin Bond began his career jockeying for the best angles to capture runway fashion shows. While he still takes on assignments in the controlled chaos of fashion, shooting backstage at Victoria’s Secret annual fashion shows, he’s more often in controlled studio and location sets with celebrities ranging from Jon Hamm to Katy Perry. Digital Photo Pro caught up with the globetrotting lensman in Miami, where the stars were a car and a luxury sport yacht created by Lexus.

Gavin Bond
Jon Hamm. Photo by Gavin Bond/August Image

Discussing the challenges a photographer can face on location shoots, Bond embraces them rather than be frustrated by them. Says Bond, “On outdoor shoots, you always face the elements. I’ve often been blessed by great weather, but today we got rained on twice. I’m shooting outside this beautiful mansion with a beautiful model for Lexus. Then it starts to rain. What do you do? Quickly, you get someone to clean the car. That looks fine, but the driveway is ruined—puddles of water in some places, dry patches in others. Rather than having my retoucher wanting to murder me because the driveway is in pieces, I decided to do a wet-down. There was a garden hose nearby, and we wet everything evenly. It made for a great alternate picture for the client. Suddenly, the car and model were reflecting in the water. Especially on location shoots, you have to go with the flow and embrace what’s given you.”

Look for the full interview by Mark Edward Harris when the issue goes on newsstands September 5, 2017. Visit Gavin Bond’s website at

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