Canon 5D Mark IV Reviewed

Canon 5D Mark IV First Impressions

Last week we started our Canon 5D Mark IV review, and have some first images and first impressions. We received a production model of the camera and started shooting with it last week. To anyone familiar with the Canon EOS-5D Mark III or earlier, the Mark IV will feel like an old friend. As the name implies, the improvements are largely internal. The 5D Mark IV comes four years after the 5D Mark III and has a 30MP sensor, ISO range extending to 32000 and the ability to shoot 4K images, using the company’s Dual Pixel AF to track and focus during video capture.

There’s no question that the 5D Mark IV is a worthy successor to the 5D Mark III, though we’ll be looking carefully at the performance of the 5D Mark IV at high ISO levels, since many of the pro cameras are starting to shoot up to ISO ranges in the millions. 

Canon 5D Mark IV review
Photo by Chris Carroll

This weekend we took out the Canon EOS-5D Mark IV with portrait photographer Chris Carroll (@chrisxcarroll on Instagram) for the first of our test shoots.

Here’s what Carroll, who has been shooting with the 5D series since the original body in 2005, had to say.

One terrific thing about the Canon EOS-5D Mark IV is that it is virtually identical physically to the Mark III, which I shoot with every day. Other than the fact that I forgot to set the date/time, I basically picked it up and started shooting. Even the batteries are the same, so I could shoot without even needing to charge the new one. EV values, modes, all were second nature to me. It has one new button for focus selection but other than that it’s identical. I used the camera for a shoot outdoors, on the water shooting from a launch, so it was quite nice to not have to fool around with either the camera itself or reading manuals.

I did some shutter dragging and panning, but and it felt just like the 5D Mark III. We did not get to shoot at the high ISO or shoot4K video yet, both of which I’m looking forward to.I am also looking forward to more work with the new focus system, as I shoot lots of shallow depth of field and that would be a real boon to my shooting. The improvements in those three elements with my current 5D Mark III over previous 5D Mark II were notable, so I’m hoping for the same level of upgrade with this camera.

Canon 5D Mark IV review
Photo by Chris Carroll

Profiles for this camera are not available to Apple or Adobe yet, so we did our initial shoot in RAW+ JPEG and will go back and examine raw files later. Canon’s use of their Dual Pixel sensor will allow images to be adjusted slightly for focus in post production, much the way the ill-fated Lytro camera. Adobe has promised to support this in a future Lightroom update (though they haven’t committed to a time frame.)

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    1. Hi there. We will have a full review when we’re done reviewing the camera, but that requires us putting it through its paces and takes a few weeks to really test it. As the title says, this is “first impressions and images” not a review.

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