DJI Inspire 2 Drone Hands-On First Samples Video

dji inspire 2

DJI’s Inspire 2 drone has a wishlist of features that makes it one of the most interesting choices for aerial photography and cinematography. Our first-look video includes some of the raw footage captured with the Inspire 2 in our first few days of testing.

Having flown the DJI Phantom 4 and the DJI Mavic, the Inspire 2 is a piece-of-cake to fly. The company’s excellent iOS app makes flying simple for the experienced or novice photographer alike. A dual-controller function allows a different camera and flight operator—which we’ll be playing with on future tests.

This video on our YouTube channel includes un-modified footage from the DJI Inspire 2. The Inspire 2 captures at 5.2K, and we’ve been blown away by the video and still image quality.

There are a lot of camera and video settings on the Inspire, and the manual is less-than-stellar, but a few test flights and some quick Googling, and we’re getting images from the drone that could be used in any commercial campaign.

Here are some sample images from the DJI Inspire 2’s camera.





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