Fuji GFX Medium Format System Exclusive Hands On Preview

Fuji GFX

Fuji’s GFX medium format system, announced at Photokina 2016 in Cologne, Germany, is the answer to several years of Fujifilm-user prayers. It’s also a system that’s been rumored to be “around the corner” for more than a year. After taking the wraps off the new system this week, Fujifilm invited a select group of press to be the first to use the prototype versions of the cameras and lenses.

Here is the video of my first-look preview at this important new camera.

Why is the GFX important? It represents what I think will be a sea change in camera design. As APS-C resolution and image quality is increasingly trumped by full-frame cameras, and as full-frame cameras start to reach the technological limits of increasing resolution while maintaining image quality, larger sensors are the logical path.

Fuji would have faced stiff competition if they had made a full-frame mirrorless system, thanks to Sony’s work in this market. Instead, they leapfrogged over the format, getting to claim dibs on a new product category.

Yes, there are other medium format digital cameras, though all but the Pentax 645D have very high price tags. It will be interesting to see what developments this spurs.

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