Think Tank Shape Shifter V2.0 Backpack Hands-On Review

Think Tank Shape Shifter V2.0

Like most photographers, we own lots of different bags for different photo situations. Think Tank’s Shape Shifter V2.0 is a versatile backpack that holds a surprisingly large amount of gear for longer treks, then can compress down to a more portable bag via a zipper for those occasions when you don’t need to carry your complete kit (and then some). And it’s comfortable on your back, too.

The line is designed to hold a pro camera system, laptop and accessories, and comes in three sizes: the Naked Shape Shifter 17 V2.0 is a custom-carrying solution and holds a 17-inch laptop ($220); the Shape Shifter 15 V2.0 holds a 15-inch laptop ($250); and the Shape Shifter 17 V2.0 holds a 17-inch laptop ($280). Learn more about the Think Tank Shape Shifter series.

Check out our hands-on review of the Shaper Shifter V2.0 below:

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