Blur Color Noise In Photoshop

Try this simple but powerful technique to make a cleaner-looking image

When you have noise in an image, there’s a lot you can do about it. There are many ways you can reduce noise during postprocessing; you could even say there’s an art to it. Learning these techniques can improve good exposures and save others. 2) Blurred color layer First, take steps to reduce noise at the point of capture. Favor low ISOs and... Read more

Reduce Noise With Adobe Camera Raw And Lightroom

Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom both offer easy-to-use controls that will reduce noise without compromising image sharpness, saturation or hue variety

The Camera Raw and Lightroom Detail panel offers sliders for Noise Reduction and Sharpening. Reducing noise in Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom (the controls and results are identical) is easy. There are only two sliders for two different kinds of noise—Luminance and Color. Zoom into an image at 100% magnification and move the sliders until noise... Read more